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Crashes after certain number of turns.

nomad1nomad1 Registered Users Posts: 2
Ive played Shogun 2 semi regularly. Whenever i play a campaign I get to 120+ turns and then i start getting crashes when i do virtually anything. In this case i have a saved game and at the completion of a seige that was occuring when saved, the game crashes.
I was having the same issues a couple turns earlier whereby the game would crash if i shifted a general into a city.
I just ignored that city and focussed on other issues. But now its got to the point where no matter what I do the game crashes.

I thought it might be that I had too many saved games so the auto save caused issues. So i removed many saved games so I only had 4 left. The issue didnt change.

I have a mac incase thats relevant. Has anyone else experienced this? any way to fix it?



  • nomad1nomad1 Registered Users Posts: 2
    I should also add, ive had this on completely seperate campaigns before. So its not an issue specific to this campaign but something more general.
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