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Reinforcements comming into battle on wrong side of field. (Campaign battle)

jormcbeath2jormcbeath2 Registered Users Posts: 21
Reinforcements come to play on the wrong side of the field on the new siege battle map for wood elves that is on Argwylon.

My reinforcements came behind the enemy (when on campaign they were behind me)


  • tzarkolbaskatzarkolbaska Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 489
    I went into Athel Loren with 2 stacks and attacked the King's Glade, with one stack acting as reinforcements. Although I positioned it behind my main army on the campaign map, it appeared behind enemy lines on the opposite side of the map. That didn't change after I reloaded and tried to reposition it.
    The same happened when I attacked the Oak.
    In-battle screenshot and pre-battle save attached.
  • BoogieManFLBoogieManFL Registered Users Posts: 10
    edited March 2017
    Happens to me fairly commonly as Dwarfs, and both Vampire factions in random field battles.
  • LanceheadLancehead Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited March 2017
    Build 13306.1026271

    Playing as the Dwarfs, I had 2 stacks side-by-side in the underway stance engaged by Archaon and another Chaos army. The battle took place on the tubular underground map; essentially 1 giant hallway. My reinforcing army entered the battlefield on the opposite side of the map, right next to the enemy and their reinforcement's spawn point. It was basically a 2v1 ambush battle while my initial army had to run as fast as their stunty legs could carry them across the entirety of the battlefield to try and get there before my reinforcements were completely wiped out.

    I had to alt-f4 since I'm playing on legendary and lost so badly under such ridiculous circumstances.

    I attached the save file and hope CA can eventually fix the issue.

    As for the solution... perhaps when it comes to these tubular underground maps the game simply needs to disregard campaign positioning and have all reinforcements enter the battle from their respective faction's side.

    *Edited to add screenshot and build information
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  • LanceheadLancehead Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited March 2017
    Ran into the exact same problem on the exact same map again. This time it was my 2 stacks + garrison vs 3 Chaos stacks. Same situation as above except this time one of the Chaos stacks entered the map from the same location as my reinforcements. They literally spawned right on top of each other.

    These battles are unplayable and this needs to be fixed.
  • MoregazeMoregaze Registered Users Posts: 1
    What is the official word on this? It makes playing dwarfs with their stunty legs impossible on higher difficulties. Even if I put the reinforcement army right behind me. They always come in on the other side of the map. By the time they get close enough I am routed. Seems like a huge oversight on the Devs part. To not give us control of where they come from since we moved them into position already.
  • RealityTorrentRealityTorrent SwedenRegistered Users Posts: 130
    This was supposedly fixed already. But I also see it happen regularly.
  • XenodonXenodon Registered Users Posts: 5
    I've had this happen multiple times lately. They need to fix it. It's **** me off that I have to autoresolve epic battles I want to fight because my dwarf army and a Chaos army are reinforcing from the SAME POINT ON THE MAP and making Chaos Dwarf Lasagna. Makes a big **** of game ruining. Has also happened in an MP campaign. Two armies attacked a Wood Elf base, and one army arrived behind the Wood Elf garrison/army and got destroyed because I was instantly swarmed. The past two Dwarf campaign screwups have been in underway battles. Waiting for problems that were supposed to have been fixed a year ago to be fixed.
  • XenodonXenodon Registered Users Posts: 5
    Amen to both your posts. This was supposed to be fixed last year. It hasn't been. Happened twice to me in a single campaign. Chaos's reinforcements are fine, but mine get dispersed in amongst them at the same point. Fix it CA.
  • XenodonXenodon Registered Users Posts: 5
    I've had this problem as Empire in an MP campaign. Apparently CA can't make things work that have worked since Rome:TW.
  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USARegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 23,687
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