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Wurzag getting [HIDDEN] trait after confederating

ShebalosoShebaloso Registered Users Posts: 256
I was playing a campaign with the greenskins and, after confederating with the bloody handz, i noticed Wurzag had a trait named [HIDDEN], whose description is also only [HIDDEN].

I believe this trait has something to do with the upkeep cost of Savage Orcs, as Wurzag now has a +30% upkeep for Savage Orcs units.


  • RCMidasRCMidas Registered Users Posts: 29
    edited April 2017
    Actually I just posted about that in an older thread, here's what I found >>>>

    I think I found what the problem is. It's due to how the faction benefits were set up and preventing them from applying when those sub-factions are confederated. For example, Skarsnik has bonuses to goblin recruitment and upkeep when you play as Crooked Moon, but he doesn't have those when you confederate him - because there's an effect bundle that lumps together hidden "anti-traits" to cancel those out when playing as Greenskins or Bloody Handz.

    However, it wasn't set up properly on several scores for Wurrzag. Firstly, his anti-trait bundle when not playing as Bloody Handz only counters his -50% enemy hero success chance faction bonus, but not the improved savage orc charge bonus or reduced upkeep. Secondly, the anti-trait you found has an incorrect value of +80% savage orc upkeep instead of +50%, which would properly counter his faction bonus. Thirdly, he still gets the improved charge bonus for savage orcs as there appears to be no anti-trait set up to counter that.

    So that explains what's going on there, anyway.

    Now that I think about it, that'll also explain why confederating the Fay Enchantress and examining her unit roster shows that the Grail Guardians have no increased upkeep because of the "In Her Lady's Name" faction trait that apparently is still being applied. That's another effect bundle that hasn't been set up properly.
  • ShebalosoShebaloso Registered Users Posts: 256
    Good job! The bug (bugs, now that you say that) still stand, though, and need to be addressed individually
  • MrDarth0#4231MrDarth0#4231 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 229
    Any chance this will ever be fixed CA?

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