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How do i start out?

ThwrldThwrld Registered Users Posts: 3
Hello together,

i never played a Total War Game, so i thought ill start with the series. A lot of my friends bought Warhammer, so did I yesterday. I got a i5 3570K and R9 380x Nitro, so i thought the game should run smooth on high, but its more like 15-30 fps, most parts in the lower 20s. I cant stand that, so ill wait a few patches before i play Warhammer again.

So, i know want to use the time and really LEARN total war mechanics. What do you think are the best games to learn with, what are some good ressources? I really like the Rome 2 Scenario, but i read a lot of bad things about it. Medieval 2 looks great, too... What is your opinion guys?

P.S. this is not a "what is the best total war game" thread.

Thanks in advance guys!


  • josheajoshea Registered Users Posts: 1
    I'm in basically the same position as you but a little further ahead. I'm new to the franchise and bought WH & Napoleon as my first games, since then I have purchased Medieval II. My advice is to pick up Napoleon as the Frame rates are very good (being a well optimised game) and also a very enjoyable game all round (especially with it being $4.37 on steam summer sale it's a bargain!). I have a similar computer to you consisting of a 970 and an i5 4460. I recommend setting your WH graphics to low / medium because the game still is visually satisfying as well as providing a comfortable 60ish frames. Coming from games like csgo I was also concerned with the low frame rates as I'm used to 250+ supporting them with a 144hz monitor. As for Medieval II, I bought it because I am trying to grab the opportunity to buy many of the TW games during the summer sale. I heard it had many great reviews so I purchased it. From an objective view, it seems a lot of the great reviews are subjective from nostalgic players as it being an older game feels quite clunky and basically retro and after experiencing the setting out of WH Med II felt very outdated. The actual game play is quite fun but the keyboard controls can be quite difficult to understand and are quite less functional than WH. However I feel I will start to get used to them, in terms of the time period it's set in it is quite interesting but at the same time the whole game just feels outdated and for that reason I feel like Attila may be better (although I haven't bought it) purely because the time period is relatively the same especially with the 1212 ad mod but the graphics / controls and HUD are far superior. The set back with Attila is that I've learnt it is quite badly optimised and frames will be quite low (for us maybe 50-60 frames on low I PRESUME). Shogun 2 is another game that is always promoted but I feel for me isn't really set in a time period or place that interests me, if late Japan is interesting to you I highly recommend you that. As for other games like Rome 1 & 2, I feel like Rome 1 is highly outdated and it's promotion is from nostalgic players (it being even older than Medieval 2). Rome 2 would be an option for us because even though it got bad reviews, I feel like those were from TW vets who didn't like how easy the game was but it being easy is a great reason to buy it for us beginners. I think that the top 4 games for you to buy is Napoleon, make up your mind about Rome 2 (if the problems with it will affect you) and Shogun 2 (though not in an interesting place / time for me you may like it and the mechanics of the game are supposed to be extremely well polished as well as supporting decent frames).

    This post is probably not relevant to you anymore but 1) just in case and 2) if someone else in our position stumbles on this post maybe this can help them.
  • BeastMan2000BeastMan2000 Registered Users Posts: 1
    I have been playing total war for around 4 Or 5 years now, and I can say that Rome 2 would be your best bet to get to understand the series. While it is the 2nd worst game in the series Imo (1st being Empire) It is the most easy to get into with some of the more simple mechanics and A.I. . The main reason people say that Rome 2 sucked is because compared to its predaccesor, It did suck. Especially in the beginning, Poor A.I. (Still poor, but a lil better) poor optimization(Again, a lil better now) And intense bugs. Its now much better, and I recommend it for a beginner
  • DoogerieDoogerie Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 259
    To start with i would say Empire or Shogun 2 both are fine fine games and will give you a good idea of how to play the game I would avid Rome 2 as i find that game a bit sterile you will find that each faction has it's own strength and weakness and even some unique units the UK for example (if we are looking at Empire) has the Ships of the line because of our navel heritage whatever you decide to do good luck
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