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Chaos Dwarfs Lore, Army, Units, Legendary Lords, and Tactics Discussion



  • Red_DoxRed_Dox Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 3,393
    edited August 2017
    Indypride said:

    Red_Dox said:

    The other unit I am worried about it the K'daai destroyer. This has the opportunity to be one of the best monsters in the game. Sadly the artwork is not clear and the demo model from forgeworld is terrible:

    Imo a pretty clear artwork in the end ;)

    But yeah, I have expected more of it and the lacking resemblance with the horrible WIP Forgeworld bits was obvious. Probably because why it got trashed (and later picked from the garbage to be a new AoS unit).
    If I were in CAs design department, I would go for the regular K'daii look

    and then create something along the line, just "bigger" (and more badass?). The idea with harnassing the " four legged bull-theme" (Hashut) like in the last artwork of the destroyer is not that bad. Just the implementation could be better.

    For proxy fanmade models, I was always fond of this one.

    which was also easy to copy ;)

    -----Red Dox
    Oh wow I didnt see that picture of the K'daai Destroyer fighting the Stegadon in my version of Tamurkhan - Throne of Chaos. Thats an awesome picture. If CA can model their Destroyer off that artwork I'd be a very happy boy, so intimidating
    That picture was afaik in no book. It was shown at certain Gamesdays, where Forgeworld was selling and promoting upcoming stuff. I assume it was a finished artwork for one of the upcoming books ( there was Blackfire pass and afaik they wanted to do 4 Chaosbooks, one for each god and Tamurkhan was just the first one with Nurgle) they had planned before they got a kick in the nuts from Kirby or it was a artwork they finished but never used and canceled (maybe because the WIP miniature had not that much similarity).
    But if we take the Monstrous Arcanum picture of the Destroyer (came after Tamurkhan), it is easy to recognize him in the Stegadon artwork.

    Have to correct myself, the picture was used in Monstrous Arcanum on page 92 for a scenario.

    ------Red Dox

  • FinCthulhuFinCthulhu Registered Users Posts: 138
    edited August 2017
    Why do I want to see a cannon on that custom K'daai's arm? Just me?
  • uriakuriak Registered Users Posts: 3,421
    I like the idea of an animal looking destroyer more than a golem. I know elemental are difficult to do justice in miniatures, but there is a lack of distinguishing features on the regular K'daii

    I liked the look of the old Confrontation elemental too for inspiration

  • ArilouArilou Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 632
    in 8th edition lore regular dwarfs had trains and big airships as well

    The dwarves had a big airship as early as Daemonslayer, which is 5 years before WOW.
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