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Let's talk on Beastmen... Other breeds of Beastmen

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Other Beastmen Breeds
Beyond the Old World Forests

The majority of recorded encounters with Beastmen seem to focus on the regions of the great forest within the Empire boundaries – particularly the Drakwald and the depths of the Forest of Shadows, these records describe monsters with bovine or goat heads but human bodies. However the truth is that the Beastmen from these regions are just a small cross section of the vast hordes inhabiting the world after the warp gates collapsed and chaos flowed across the continents unabated.

Chaos is anything but uniform in its manifestation and this is reflected in the variety of Beastmen types to be found around the Warhammer World. The Beastmen around the World tend to be a reflection of the local habitat, climate, and most common animal species of the region and prevailing legends and nightmares of the population of that region. Whether the latter is more attributable to the Beastmen influencing folklore or the ability of Chaos to shape the Beastmen into the most suitably terrifying form is unknown – but the effect is convincingly terrifying to the average populace. For example – in the Empire most folklore depicts Daemons as bestial creatures with the heads of goats, hence no coincidence this generality matches the appearance of the Gors of the Drakwald Forest.

The Blackspines Beastmen

A curious type of Beastmen is known to inhabit the Blackspines in the lands of the Naggaroth, this scaled creature typically stays in the shadows of the mountains or caves at least during daylight hours – they are taller than a man, as high as an Elf more like and are covered from head to toe in craggy scales, they are not particularly evolved and still brandish stone axes or clubs as weapons. But they are numerous and from time to time are known to either form raiding parties or latch onto a greater warband of Chaos off towards some greater objective of mutual benefit.

The Cat-Beastmen of Indhya

In the lands of Indhya and Khuresh the Beastmen are different again, these ferocious beasts have the heads of giant hunting cats similar in appearance to the common Tiger, Lion and Panther – the jungles in those lands are dense and humid and the peoples of those lands know not too venture too far into the interior, as few who do ever return to tell of their experience.

Some believe these great Cat-Beastmen to be capable of malevolent actions, and stories have come to light of advancing armies of Goblins or Skaven reaching the gates of the villagers only to be suddenly attacked by hordes of shrieking Cat-Beastmen, ripping through their ranks slashing with their extended talons – leaping high in the air their weapons glinting in the sunlight and then crashing down into the sallied ranks of the enemy, moving almost too quickly for the human eye to track – darting this way and that, surprisingly so for beasts of their size, balanced and agile but capable of delivering devastatingly powerful blows to anything foolish enough to stand still for long enough.

Exactly why the Cat-Beastmen chose to attack on these occasions is probably not as selfless as some would like to believe however, and certainly should not be taken as any indication of a bond between Cat-Beastmen and man, for they surely resent and despise Man as much as any other Chaos mutated Beastman – likely as not the Cat-Beastmen view other races such as Greenskins or Skaven or even Lizardmen as rivals to their territories and without a doubt ambush is all Beastmen’s preferred method of combat.

In several regions in the East some of the lesser evolved tribes of humans (particularly the Malays of Khuresh) worship of the Cat-Beastmen appears to be common practice, so much so that armed units of humans will go into battle alongside the Cat-Beastmen – adorning themselves in furs, and feathers and wearing other garments representative of the great Cat Beast warriors or other Beastmen tribes they live near.

Ape-Beastmen of the Southlands

The men of Araby and explorers from the Old World have long known of the Ape-Beastmen of the jungles of the Southlands, although some are reportedly little more than lumbering bellowing giants wielding massive two handed axes and hammers and others skitter around screeching and clawing at the enemy, it is said that they are lead by upright intelligent Apemen who speak a dialect of language of Men of the Southlands.

The hordes of the Ape-Beastmen of the Southlands differ from other Beastmen warherds in that they are organised in a fashion similar to any other armed units from other civilised nations – there will be units of shock troops, mounted warriors, ranged weapon units and armoured elite warriors.

Their weapons and tools are not just looted from other races but clearly constructed themselves and reports are they live in fortified villages deep within the jungles of the Southlands, frequently fighting massive battles against the Lizardmen or Savage Orcs of the region.

Would be a reskin enough and refreshing for those Beastmen of Naggaroth and Dark Lands?


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