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The British Grenadiers

JasonCheung2000JasonCheung2000 Registered Users Posts: 2
edited September 2017 in Napoleon: Total War
It's so ironic that Great Britain is famous for its march 'the British Grenadiers' ,but the British faction does not have grenadiers. Some may argue that Highland Foot is a compensation to the lack of grenadiers, but it is historically inaccurate. While grenadiers are usually considered as specialised assault troops, the highlanders actually mainly launched attacks in open ground instead of assaulting specific points. I reckon that highland foot should have a higher charging bonus but lower prolonged melee stats. Grenadiers should be added to Great Britain with a higher prolonged melee, so the two have different jobs.


  • GoslingGosling Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,887
    This game is not 100% accurate.

    Download the NTW3 mod if you want a greater realistic experience.
    "I'm gonna stomp 'em to dust. I'm gonna grind their bones. I'm gonna burn down dere towns and cities. I'm gonna pile 'em up inna big fire and roast 'em. I'm gonna bash heads, break faces, and jump up and down on the bits that are left.

    An' den I'm gonna get really mean."

    Grimgor Ironhide, Black Orc Warboss.
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