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Odd and apparently unique issue with unit banners/flags

AeronauticoAeronautico Junior MemberPosts: 10Registered Users
edited September 2017 in Napoleon: Total War
I have searched the internet for years and apparently this issue only pertains to me? But it happened on two different systems, from 2008 and 2013 (both laptops with nVidia cards, GTX 8800M and 670MX) so it is very weird.

The issue is simply, settings the battle UI to show units' banners (upon lingering over but it happens even if set fully on), they do not appear but seldom and randomly, and when they do they stick and don't go away for a while. I don't even know why do they appear on the single unit they do because it is not consequent of my cursor movement, apparently. Are banners and flags the same in NTW? I don't even know and I am not sure what are they called in the ENG version of the game now but I refer to the floating icon with the unit's flag, rank and strength. Likewise for those little animations when a unit gets experience and such, introduced with NTW: they seem to not appear all the times they should but maybe I am wrong here.

Also, I find SSAO extremely heavy even on my more recent and decent system, it basically halves the frame rate. Is it normal?

Anyone has an idea of what's happening here?


  • GoslingGosling Senior Member Posts: 1,887Registered Users
    I don`t know how to solve your problem. Have you checked the flags UI in the battle interface? I suggest going to the steam forums: they are far more active than this old folks home
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  • AeronauticoAeronautico Junior Member Posts: 10Registered Users
    Yes thanks, all settings are checked thoroughly, preferences.empire_script.txt included. A very odd issue indeed. Will do as you suggest, thanks again for your reply.
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