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Multiplayer Wintertooth Crown quest

pyromechopyromecho Registered Users Posts: 3
Playing as the Von Carsteins in multiplayer in Total War with a friend who's playing as DA 'ORKSES and I suddenly received the quest The Wintertooth Crown to raid Gnashrak's Lair and reclaim it, at the top of which shows a picture of Karl Franz, it isn't causing any problems or replacing any of my real quests as far as I know I'm just confused as to why this is happening


  • BillyRuffianBillyRuffian Moderator UKRegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 39,821
    Possibly mods?

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  • pyromechopyromecho Registered Users Posts: 3
    edited September 2017
    Update: I am using no mods, but realized I'm actually missing the quest for the Blood Chalice of Bathori, I'm hoping just the name and flavour text changed and nothing else is wrong but I haven't been able to get to the area I need to raid to find out

    Update to the Update: I kept going on the quest and now the reward for the next level is 1500 XP for Throgg and the Wintertooth crown, neither of which my undead hordes
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