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Need help picking a new computer

slucasluca Junior MemberPosts: 4Registered Users
I'm in dire need of upgrading my computer to play WHII. I'm looking for anything that can play with large unit size with at least medium to high settings. I'm a student so I'm looking for a budget PC. I've check craiglist and found one for 650 (a little higher than I wanted). How does it look:

Intel Core i7 [email protected] 2.67GHz
480 GB SSD
500 GB Sata Drive for storage
16 GB DDR3 ram
Nvidia GeForce GTX 285 Graphics
Asustek P6T Deluxe v2 Mother Board.


  • IchonIchon Senior Member Posts: 4,730Registered Users
    No, stay way from that. It might be worth half that for a basic school computer than can do some older games but it will not handle Warhammer TW except with mostly low settings.
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  • EaglePhoenixEaglePhoenix Senior Member Posts: 1,268Registered Users
    Make your own, it's not that difficult - but stay away from anything like you just linked. Also, is that budget incl. Monitor etc? (Hope not)
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  • psychoakpsychoak Posts: 2,143Registered Users
    Buying a 9 year old piece of junk would be crazy. That's end of life garbage with an SSD thrown in it. I can't stress this enough, it's actual, honest to God, garbage. It wouldn't be unreasonable for it to quite working inside a year, and it wouldn't be possible for it to even run Warhammer II at medium in a playable state. This is assuming it can even start the game without crashing. Someone honest, or possibly less grossly ignorant of it's value, would be selling that trash for 150 bucks, maybe 200, without the $140 SSD. That it's even in there all but guarantees it's just a con artist trying to make easy money off suckers.

    There are combo deals on Newegg right now, for AMD's Ryzen 5's, that would absolutely murder that older than dirt 920 system and bring you well within the cost. You can get a Ryzen 5 1400, motherboard, and 8GB of ram for under $300, and a 1500X combo for a little over 300. Throw in a 1050 Ti, $140 SSD, and $50 power supply that has a good rating, and you can come in under 600, get a 1060 and you'll have twice the graphics card and be able to easily stay under 700.

    Do some shopping and find the right deals, and you can do even better for under $600.
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