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warhammer trilogy need sea battles back

p30pl3h4t3m3p30pl3h4t3m3 Registered Users Posts: 1
really, it does.

so dear ca...

warhammer 1 it isn't the big deal, but for warhammer 2 it would be nice (with bombardement like black arches) and especially the combined map stuff that will "hopefully" follow with wh1-3/future dlcs stuff.

i know lot of people think ship battles were bad, but i loved them in shogun2/fots. i understand if you don't add them for each part of wh or even "mortal empires" cause of production timeline, but if we go to the final wh 1-3 combined super mega world campaign you should bring it back. so talk to gw and let them give you the shipmodels and blow our minds away with this missing feature...

do it as pay dlc if you want, just bring it back.


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