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Dragon Breath Attack needs to be able to target an area, not units

saberslash117saberslash117 Registered Users Posts: 223
edited October 2017 in General Discussion
As the title says, I feel like the Dragons breath at the moment is bugged due to the lackluster way the AI chooses the "center" of a unit formation. It would make breath attacks far more effective if we have the ability to choose an area where hte breath will land instead of the units themselves....


  • Grimgor_the_CAkeGrimgor_the_CAke Registered Users Posts: 1,725
    It is arguable. For example, if targeting a place only, it requires more micro to get it right. You miss it, then you miss it.
  • GoatforceGoatforce Registered Users Posts: 4,210
    Could just do it like spells, target units usually and ALT allows targeting of ground. Would be nice if they fixed the propensity for arty to target the edge of units or single models separated from the unit too.
  • Woody01Woody01 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 658
    The few times I have used the ability it has been hit and miss. Targeting from the side seems to work much better.

    From what I can tell it seems to target one model in the unit instead of center mass. I used it once against a unit who had one soldier separated from the rest. It targeted that soldier. Maybe it targets one soldier randomly so it does not always hit right on target.

    Past titles allowed you to target the ground with artillery so it should be doable to allow players to target the ground or units.
  • SnotfaceSnotface Member Registered Users Posts: 753
    Id be happy for it to act like a wind spell.
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  • corvocorvo Junior Member SpainRegistered Users Posts: 3,063
    edited October 2017
    It Would be nice if the animations maked a sweep, like an helicopter
    instead to being static in the air.
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  • GaataGaata Registered Users Posts: 50
    To be fair to the dragons, it's probably hard to breathe fire while moving, seeing as you would have to fight the air pressure in your mouth.
  • SteppelordSteppelord Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,262
    Gaata said:

    To be fair to the dragons, it's probably hard to breathe fire while moving, seeing as you would have to fight the air pressure in your mouth.

    Dude this is a fantasy game. It's probably hard for them to fly seeing as they're covered in heavy scales, don't have light bones and don't have the biggest wings.
  • Sharazad87Sharazad87 Registered Users Posts: 282
    edited October 2017
    Simple fix. keep it as is. but allow us to manually aim while pressing ALT

    edit: personal idea. allow the breaths to be used on the ground as a cone attack. same charges. Its used the same way as the plague furnaces plague scorch. for EG:

    Dragon enters the game flying with 3 breath attacks, it flys over and scorches a air unit, 2 charges left. It lands in a large blob, the Breath attack is now in "Cone mode". still two charges left. i use the dragon breath cone attack eating a charge. I now leave combat and take to the sky. a large blob of multiple units is a distance away, I use my last charge of dragon breath on this, pressing ALT and targeting the centre of the blob. hitting multiple units.
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  • Grimgor_the_CAkeGrimgor_the_CAke Registered Users Posts: 1,725
    edited October 2017
    actually this situation is not limited for dragons, hydra now does the same. I think in the end, most target shot will be made an additional option to be skill shot as artillery has been just like that.
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