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Make Mortal Empires great again

QmotionQmotion Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 238
So after spending 50+ hours in the ME campaign with several different races i can say that they obviously rushed the release of ME because everyone wanted to play it so badly. Its realy in a beta state.

And i do hope CA fixes these issues because this campaign has so much potential and might become the most epic thing CA ever created yet. But it needs some serious tweaks.

What should be fixed to make Mortal Empires TRULY great again:

- Old World Lords need to be updated with new skills and balance

- Foundation update needed

- Old World factions need a bit of a rework and balance to match against the new factions (mechanics, starting locations of LL's, rites etc.)

- The AI needs some serious tweaks. Varg, Vampire Counts and Dwarfs steamroll the entire map in every campaign (Its mostly Dwarfs though). Instead of this epic grand scale map where all those races fight each other and get in contact with each other you actualy play in a world dominated by Dwarfs or VC. Its frustrating as hell to play the same enemy for 200 turns long. This needs a serious rework.

- The Chaos invasion is obviously broken. Nothing to mention about this. Its getting hotfixed i believe

- Upkeep for armies got dragged over from the Vortex campaign. Im not sure if this is intented or not but looking at the way Chaos is ''bugged'' it might be a bug aswell. The ''extra'' upkeep for armies got increased alot by recruiting a new Lord. Im fine with this in general. But not in its current state. Seeing the enemy getting a endless horde of elite stacks and steamrolling the entire map is already hard to counter. By putting a ''extra'' upkeep limit on armies it becomes next to impossible to even survive. The AI just keeps spamming since they are not limited. They roam around with a doomstrack train full of elite units while you sit there in the corner having a max of 4-5 armies because of ''upkeep limitations''

- Towers need a slight buff. While i do agree with a nerf on towers, i dont agree that they should be nerfed into the ground and be useless. Right now they are not even worth anything. Rate of fire is down way too much. Siege towers and units sieging barely get scratched. In fact defending the walls might not even be a viable option now. Its often better to just sit around the victory point and defend the corridors. Vice versa its way too easy to take over settlements as a player. The towers are no threat at all anymore. Which they should. I mean spending 10k+ on walls and towers should make those towers a bit more dangerous and a threat. Why else would i spend so much money on walls?

- The interaction between the Old World and the New World is minimal. Actualy i havent even see one yet. Where is Karl Franz? I thought i saw a screenshot of him flying over in Lustria. Yeah? Guess what? He is getting dominated in Altdorf by everyone around him. This guy just got crowned Emperor and he can barely get out of his house. Where is the Skaven that invaded Altdorf in that epic teaser CA showed? Guess what? Skaven are exterminated before the campaign even starts. I barely even noticed them in my campaigns. Oh. What about the New World factions? Where is that epic HE or DE incursion into the Old World? Nope. They are just chilling in their homelands. The promise by CA of many races interacting with each other is barely noticable. Which is realy sad.

All in all I would say: lay off ME for a while untill its patched. That is, if you want to experience a good time. Right now these issues make the experience a frustration for me. Some people might enjoy it. Thats OK. But these issues should be fixed to make ME something truly epic


  • Surge_2Surge_2 Registered Users Posts: 1,752
    I applied the Chaos Mod fix.

    Its perfectly playable, at Very Hard at least.
  • TotalBorehammerTotalBorehammer Registered Users Posts: 940
    Agree with the OP, I am not touching ME until it is patched. It's been almost 2 months since release and I am still struggling to play the game I paid for. CA have taken another significant reputational hit among the userbase with this shoddy release and are rapidly losing the goodwill they create with the first game.

    They can do better. They should do better. They have to do better.
    CA have a Facebook page... use the comments section of their posts and express your thoughts on ME poor quality/delays etc https://www.facebook.com/CreativeAssembly/ :)
  • unepatateunepatate Registered Users Posts: 43
    I will give you secret tips:
    -Lower your difficulty if you lose against chaos or if you find the increased upkeep too high
    -And if you want to see a faction you are free to go seeing them or to play a longer campaign
    (don't reapet those tips)
    But its true the chaos invasion could be better (even if I think she is okay)
    Otherwise yes seeing every game with dwarf and vampire destroying other ia faction is a problem
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