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Idea for new Total War game.

CanisLupusCanisLupus Registered Users Posts: 3
(First time posting in forums, not sure if this is the right place for this topic)
I had an idea for the upcoming historical Total War game. We know that it's going to be an historical game which means that it's set on earth in the past. My idea is that instead of losing all the great ideas from Warhammer such as the skill tree for generals we keep that system and adapt it slightly.

What I mean is in Warhammer your generals never die as it's a fantasy game, and is also set in a smaller time scale. This allows you to level up your general with skills that they acquire through battles/quests etc... I think that they should introduce something called factions/households (something along those lines). Where your generals still die which keeps historical authenticity but through the household system skills are allocated to the entire family tree. So for example, there is general A who wins a lot of battles in his lifetime, levels up the household and gains skills such as +2 melee for the general, +3 attacking melee for all soldiers in the household leader's army etc. Now say that general A dies and his son, general B takes over. The household system means that he inherits all those skills of his household and over his lifetime adds to the skills of the household also. So instead of, like in previous games, you get a really good general and he dies and you have to restart from square one, in this system some of the progress you made with the first general is carried on and not all of that has to be wasted.

What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? And if you think it's a good idea where can I pass it on to CA? :smiley:


  • daelin4daelin4 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 16,288
    In MTW2, some traits can be "carried over" to the sons of generals, assuming of course the generals married and had kids. One time, I got a general at age 16 with like 9/10 command stars...plus a few other ones like Handsome!
    It was a pretty cool feature, but unfortunately tended to have power imbalances, since this only works if you're winning and keep winning...and the result is you gain a permanent advance over the losing sides. However, that son I mentioned was a huge rarity, plus the traits can be negative as well, so with (un)luck of the draw your general can be great or terrible; most often it was in between and unremarkable compared to just hiring generals with better traits.

    As for your idea, it carries the same problem but with the additional caveat that your gameplay progression is permanent; with Warhammer, they did away with age progression and so a general doesn't die off and leave you with poor generals. This is particularly the case Legendary Lords, which are immortal and just get Wounded for a period of time instead of dying.

    Idea's not that bad, just needs tweaking. The MTW2 feature relied too much on RNG, so despite having a great general it was still possible to get a son with very poor command traits. If it was more clear cut like "at the time of general's death the son always gets half command stars, give or take other factors", then it's more consistent without being too overpowered, like also gaining ten command stars, which renders the inherit system redundant.

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