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Please no spaghetti lines

ChaosfolkChaosfolk Junior MemberPosts: 50Registered Users
Hi. Super hyped for Thrones of Brittania. One thing I and many others would appreciate is reduction of spaghetti lines.

I think minimum 3-4 lines for 120 men unit is appropriate. It will result in more immersive formations, more useful artillery, more accurate archer volleys.

In Rome 2 and Attila multiplayer spaghetti lines were hideious to look at +(


  • HrafnHrafn Posts: 305Registered Users
    edited November 2017
    The dominance of unrealistically-long formations ruined multiplayer for me and is one of the reasons I am not buying the new Rome II DLC; as the problem is even worse in that engine.

    I know there were some changes to Attila that made it "better", which is why I preferred it and still do; but it was still a significant problem.

    I've been out of the game since Warhammer. Any news on this?
  • wingren013wingren013 Posts: 883Registered Users
    Warhammer has a longer minimum ranks for it's units so you can't stretch them out as much. There is no real mechanical benefit to using more ranks though so you are still better off stretching out.
  • HrafnHrafn Posts: 305Registered Users
    Combining Attila's unit weight mechanics and limiting how far you can stretch them out like Warhammer might be enough.

    They need to do something though.
  • ma7moud_al_sharifma7moud_al_sharif Posts: 260Registered Users
    as long as engine cannot distinguish between deeper and thinner unit formations in a meaningful way and single row width has no downsides, unit width should stay moderately restricted for gameplay purposes imo. shogun 2 or napoleon were fine but rome 2 had rediculous formation stiffness per default, combined with single row formation width made this flaw catastrophically more apparent. individual bodies that r not in shield wall should not stay in static spaghetti line like suicidal drone automatons. dont listen to the anti-blob crowd, we do have actual formations (shieldweall) for this!
    ---Furthermore i am of the opinion, that the current Unit Count(20,21) must be lifted!!

    Team Shadowgave
    Team Cao Wei
    Team Black Achilleez

    there are billions, mindustry, factorio are perfect examples of artificial complexification done right
    buff Cao Cao (ai) in the campaign pls
  • ChaosfolkChaosfolk Junior Member Posts: 50Registered Users
    I've been advocate of restricting the free arrangement of width and length for a long time due to spaghetti lines and general uselessness of think formations.

    I believe that there should be 2 types of formations - line (3-4 lines deep) and square. Square should increase mass of the unit, charge defence and possibly speed so it's generally better for flanking and defence. Line is obviously for archers, line infantry and coverage.

    Besides, we already have this for cavalry - wedges, diamonds etc so this possibility is in engine.
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