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Attila? Are you kidding?



  • KrunchKrunch Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 4,932

    I'll be curious to see how much of Attila/Charlemagne campaign mechanics are carried over like sanitation and war weariness.

    I'll be pretty disappointed if I have to build 6 buildings in each province just to survive the food/public order/religion/sanitation mini game and get penalised for fighting things in a Total War game.

    They better not bring Sanitation back. I understand why it was in Atilla, to show that this was a dark period as the Roman Empire fell and plague and disease ravaged the land but it really isn't needed here. Food as it was in Atilla will probably make more sense than it did there. War Weariness I am not too crazy about but I don't have one opinion one way or the other. Religion is an odd one as really on the British Isles at this point you really have 3 religions, Christian, Norse, and in some fringe corners you might have some old paganism but even then I am pretty sure that by 878 it has been either molded with Christianity or eradicated. I expect that we will see culture rather than religion again. Though I do wonder whether we will see Christianised Dane or something.

  • KGpoopyKGpoopy Registered Users Posts: 2,009
    Sanitation was manageable to me. It was never a major detriment to anything anyway. Edicts and certain building chains fixed that problem, and sometimes it got to the point where sanitation and disease could be ignored if you where really powerful. It makes your Kingdom feel a bit real at first, as your population can get sick through careless management. Steamrolling over other kingdoms and mindlessly conquering is not a total war focus (not on easy mode at least). You still have to manage armies, and the population, and features that simulate that is good to me.
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