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User Info RequiredCrash on start screen.

AltzerAltzer Posts: 2Registered Users
edited December 2017 in Crashes
My game crashes on the start screen that says total war warhammer 2. It started after the november 15th windows patch but i am unable to revert to a previous version.
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  • CrotouCrotou Junior Member Posts: 44Registered Users
    Try to lower you screen resolution. Start the game. If it works you can then go back to your native resolution. It worked for some people.
  • AltzerAltzer Posts: 2Registered Users
    No luck with that.
  • CA_NateCA_Nate Creative Assembly Posts: 943Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff
    Hi @Altzer

    Would you be able to provide us with the following pieces of information to investigate further.

    - Any crash dump information that may of been generated
    - DXdiag
    - Preferences Script

    Please see the below steps on how to find these files:

    Preferences Scripts and Crash dump information can be found in folders located in the appdata folder for Warhammer II, (Crash_reports and Scripts folder)

    - Please type the following into the windows explorer address bar: "%appdata%\The Creative Assembly\Warhammer2"

    Kind Regards,

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  • NialanNialan Posts: 2Registered Users
    Hi support champions

    I currently have the same problem

    I tried with the change screen resolution. Surprisingly worked, but now the game is really slow and the screen does some vibration that it gets me sick.

    Please find attached the reports you suggested on the post above

    Any help will be appreciated

  • Samdynamite51Samdynamite51 Posts: 2Registered Users
    Hi, after my windows 10 update I am unable to play warhammer II :'( The game crashes on the launch screen... It's very irritating, can you help us enjoy th game ?

    Maybe it's because I can't select Direct X 12 on the total war window (where you choose, continue campaign, play,
    mods, friends... Mine seems too small.

    Counting on your team.
  • knivsatanknivsatan Posts: 28Registered Users
    same here...
  • NialanNialan Posts: 2Registered Users
    Hi friends

    I left for them the details, waiting for a reply

    What I can say from my experience is that I got the game running again, changing the screen resoution and changing the graphics to "everything low" when I used to have a pretty good resolution.

    Even though, the game is not running as good as it used to run and I'm deeply concerned, I don't know why a game I could play before at high resolution now I have to run it with the minimum.

  • dcsorn914dcsorn914 Posts: 2Registered Users
    I have tried everything, can I at the very least get a voucher to steam so I can get a different game. I understand you are trying to help and I appreciate it, but nothing is working (I have spent a considerable amount of time trying). I really want to play warhammer but it doesn't seem to be an option lol. I would call this whole thing even if I were to receive a voucher for a different totalwar game.

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