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X the total war Saga ...



  • TheGuardianOfMetalTheGuardianOfMetal Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 11,644

    I would like to see :smile:

    Italian wars ....

    Best period gor renaissence warfare!

    If you mean Borgias. Most symphatic Pope ever constantly getting bashed by the ignorant. Would be sweet to rectify all of that and serve all of Italy on a plate to Cesare, the only true Caesar.

    Otherwise my most wanted period is the Thirty Years War one, but that should honestly better be handled by a full Total War title and then the Saga can do English Civil War or something.
    Every wrong is recorded. Every slight against us, page after page, ETCHED IN BLOOD! Clan Gunnisson! Karak Eight Peaks! JOSEF BUGMAN! TOTAL WAR TROY FOR ONE YEAR EXCLUSIVELY ON THE EPIC GAMES STORE!"

    The Empire still hasn't gotten their FLC LL. We need Marius Leitdorf of Averland!

    Where is Boris Todbringer? Have you seen him? For a Middenland DLC with Boris and the Ar-Ulric!

    Queek could smell their hatred, ratcheted to a degree that even he could not evoke in their simple hearts. He stepped over the old orange-fur’s body, eager to see for himself what it was they saw. But he heard it first.
    'Waaaaaaaggh! Gorfang!'
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