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Multiplayer co-op campaign disconnect (power and politics)

SeanchaidhSeanchaidh Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 14
Happened 3 times in a row with these two saves while turn is rolling over. (Bactria, Parthia-- it's Parthia's turn at the save).

Steps to reproduce: load saves, Parthia ends turn.

Then you should have a disconnect at some point during the series of AI turns.


  • SeanchaidhSeanchaidh Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 14
    (Parthia's save is in the folder "Mine").
  • SeanchaidhSeanchaidh Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 14
    So, after some verifying integrity of game cache, we've been able to get this to sort of work. But we still have lots and lots of (not internet connection related) disconnects and desyncs every few turns, and finally at turn 17 at a specific point during an AI turn, another "host has left..." occurs when Khorasmii attacks a Bactrian settlement.

    Definitely take a look at multiplayer campaign stability for this patch, because this is ridiculous.
  • myselfnapoleonmyselfnapoleon Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 441
    I definitely hope this gets looked at. I want to play a h2h MPC as soon as the new DLC is released :)
  • SeanchaidhSeanchaidh Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 14
    Ugh. This is still a problem after it went live. Not even ten turns in and we're desyncing left and right with a new campaign.
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