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Empire divided..

julius_civilisjulius_civilis Posts: 365Registered Users
Hi guys,
Since steam reviews are mixed I'm doubting to buy the dlc.
Some people say its great others say its just a reskin and adds very little.

I don't want to waste 17 euro to a dlc I possibly won't like that much so I'm asking you guys what your opinions are,
What does it add?
Are the units really unique or reskins?
Does the campaign offer new challenges and gameplay?
The main question is, is it very different or just more of the same?


  • hanesdavhanesdav Posts: 851Registered Users
    This DLC is nice addition to the game but it it deserves mixed reviews.

    Campaign is slightly different because of the new buildings but that's all. I don't include new politics because you have them for free in the main game. The rest of the campaign is the same old Rome 2.

    The new units are really cool but not all them are unique. Maybe less than half are completely new. The rest has helmets and armor taken directly from the base Rome 2 and Attila. I also saw units completely indentical to the base Rome 2 with the same names but those are extremely rare. There are maybe two of them.

    I personally would rate this dlc with 7 out of 10. It is much better than previous DLC campaings together. Previous DLC campaigns were completely indentical to the main game with same units. Wrath of Sparta was exception but it had boring battles.
  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USAPosts: 19,023Registered Users, Moderators, Knights
    In my opinion a very good add on.
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  • MemnonMemnon Senior Member Posts: 581Registered Users
    Add the moment im not rally happy.Game again offer NO chalange.AI its stupid-cant make good army.Cant keep city-just conquer Your city,and after move army and dont make any good defense.Too many agents.
    Looks promisses-but CA really need improve AI and make them more stronger.
  • julius_civilisjulius_civilis Posts: 365Registered Users
    Thanks for the responses guys, I will skip this dlc and def ve back for wh dlc and thrones of britannia.
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