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General Faction Issues v1.1.1 Build 5284.1234481

LinenKingLinenKing Registered Users Posts: 1
edited December 2017 in PTE Beta Feedback
1. I always play Legendary.

2. I play every faction but horde based...Atilla ruined it for me.

Skaven... Missions pop up as normal and very easily. More easily accomplished than human factions or DE Factions. One army is strong enough to take all of Lustria. However... 3 armies cannot be economically maintained and you can't stop AI spam stacks. DE & his shrew of a mother showed up with 37....I repeat 37 stacks over 15 turns. You can't beat that. Ambush only does so much.

DE... Missions CAN be accomplished at risk to basic campaign sustainability. Units too expensive for human player to spawn support armies. I've only played them twice on beta and quit by turn 100. The Norse tribes just start steam rolling everyone. Not worth trying.

Morathi...Insurrection after insurrection after insurrection = getting beaten to a pulp by turn 50 by HE factions. If you continue playing and try to rebuild...Lizardmen show up and end you along with any economic development that you may have clawed back.

Bretonnian Factions... Just forget it. Legendary lords run at level 20 by turn 50. You still can't do anything but merge (maybe) and then get overrun. Not fun.

Dwarves...You can beat any 1 and maybe 2 armies from turn 1 to turn 100. Missions atainable and they're just fun. Frustrating because you can't finish an enemy army because of slow moving troops...but fun. A lot of back and forth over the same ground.

Vampire...They ruin the game.

Empire... Okay...My favorite faction...Nothing you do stops Vampire factions or Norse factions from super spawning and rolling thru. It's impossible...except for 1 trick. And it really is a trick.

No Chaos Invasion...ever. Doesn't matter what faction you play as...so it allows the chosen faction by AI to roll around and destroy everyone.

The Trick... Take your starting hero...AND MOVE THEM EVERYWHERE. AI spawns in undiscovered fog regions and provinces. If you come into contact with the AI faction by turn 50...said faction doesn't super spawn stacks. That's it...that's literally the trick.

Suggestions... 1. Fix the economic costs for armies or up the building output. You can't max provinces know that 2. one or more AI factions are about to super spawn stacks at you. 3. IF there was a chaos invasion it might slow down AI. 4. Fix Bretonnia. Like...From bottom up. 5. Wood Elves are still huge issue. They don't even require an army to maintain defense. The forest just kills everyone for them.

Thanks for listening and having these great Beta programs for us to try out!

Great Game and I'm really excited to see the fixes.


  • VessingerVessinger Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 982
    I'm curious what you meant by "Vampires...They ruin the game". I've tried a couple of Von Carstein campaigns with this beta, and as a player they've got a few bugs that crippled my TWW I strategy playing as them. In AI hands though they apparently do just fine, from what I've heard perhaps better than fine.

    I can't say I care for the idea of the AI being granted multiple free instant full stacks on Legendary. I understand some concessions need to be made as far as cheating in the AIs favor on higher difficulties but that sounds both ridiculous and tedious.

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