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Grimgor and Orcs in general are dead on arrival

bydlobydlo Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 159
This a long standing issue which was the rule in WH1 but now it's even worse in ME. Since introduction of ME, orcs now only have to deal with dwarf confederation blob but with wild minor vampires duo, which conquers all of the old world and rivals only with the dwarfs. In my current campaign as the empire which i've started on the last beta, orc didn't survive even until turn 100. In each my campaign since release of ME the vampires of araby are in the top 5 factions always.


  • Kyle_Leonard885Kyle_Leonard885 Registered Users Posts: 58
    I agree the Greenskins need some help here. They are literally always dying. There was one game when it looked like the Greenskins had a chance against the dwarfs, but that ended in flames when they started confederating. The orcs have it the hardest in the campaign since they are always up against what always ends up being the strongest faction in the game.

    They need some buffs or the dwarfs need some campaign nerfs when controlled by the AI. Confederation nerf is something that could hit the dwarfs where it hurts, as they're always going mental in that area and actually start off confederating very early in the campaigns.
  • Smoked_PeasantSmoked_Peasant Registered Users Posts: 7
    I can do you one better- in my current Bordeleaux campaign Grimgor was down to 1 province a mere 50 turns in, Bloody Handz with a besieged capital.

    I think orcs are a big weak in AR, and dwarfs are as strong as it gets. Even without confederations; I played 150 turns of beastmen and spent the first half eradicating the stunty menace, All of Azul, karaz-a-karak, all of it burned by me and dorfs left with 1-2 provinces in the north. by 150 they were winning and had retaken most of their holds.

    Early dwarf confederation is as troublesome as when welfs were confederating one turn after another (and then embarking on conquest) but what really sets them apart is they'll almost always win every battle (ai vs ai) because orcs have to concentrate strength and outstack them 2/3 to 1, but it's so easy to defeat them in detail because of how the game works. IMO, the best solution is devaluing armor in AR, and then retarding dwarf confederation. Are the orcs not supposed to be a menace to the old world? a scourge every bit as crushing as the Chaos tide?
  • endurendur Registered Users Posts: 3,720
    The AI doesn't know how to handle fightiness. So they don't get Waagghs, and the AI Greenskins suffer too much attrition. A player can handle flightiness, but the AI can't. This is similar to the Bretonnian economy problem, where a player can handle the complicated Bretonnian economy, but the AI suffers.

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