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Reprisal Update - Couple of bugs

JacabonJacabon Registered Users Posts: 8
AI don't use troops when settling a province.

The red duke doesn't have the level 20 immortality skill.


  • JacabonJacabon Registered Users Posts: 8
    Also AI crooked moon can make peace with crooked moon mutinous gits.
  • SoftisSoftis Registered Users Posts: 34
    The AI has never used troops for settling. Atleast not on legendary or VH.
    That is one of the big design changes I would like to see to be able to swiftly move in after resettlement.
  • SagrandaSagranda Registered Users Posts: 1,659
    Softis said:

    The AI has never used troops for settling. Atleast not on legendary or VH.

    Not true.
    An "abuse" for the Beastmen campaign to gain a lot of growth I have found was to raze a city, let the AI resettle it and then attack again, rinse and repeat. (Tilea being the main target for this, since both Tilea and the Border Princes will race to resettle the minor settlement down there)
    This worked because the AI had to use up troops to resettle. I haven't checked with the Reprisal Update, but that was still the case when ME got released and since I only play the horde faction on VH and Legendary it also holds true for those difficulties.
    Disclaimer: What I say is my opinion and not necessarily stated as fact.

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