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Mortal Empires 1.2 5568.1249838 chaos does not get any money after battles

clancherclancher Registered Users Posts: 8
Hello there ! After few impovements to after battles rewards chaos stoped to get any after battles rewards at all. You may get some money only when you choose what to do with prisoners. Here is the link to save game. As well there is another minor bug (i am not sure, maybe it is a fearture) - chaos hordes are not getting any damage when two hordes are near each other.


  • SagrandaSagranda Registered Users Posts: 1,659
    chaos hordes are not getting any damage when two hordes are near each other.
    They changed infighting. It now only affects Marauder units
    Disclaimer: What I say is my opinion and not necessarily stated as fact.
  • clancherclancher Registered Users Posts: 8
    Concerning infighting - seems so. ....the compaign seems very raw at the moment....and well ...single player game becomes more an more casual - almost all races have healing abilities for large units as well... chaos has no infighting damage and can recruit choosen in one turn - so there is no reason to play battles perfectly even on legendary difficalty with no reloading after 20-30 turns you may easly rip apart almost anyone.

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