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More than 2 play co-op campaign

TurtleSenpaiTurtleSenpai Posts: 2Registered Users
I know you've probably already had a lot of threads about this one but I don't understand why it can't be a thing. Sure you can use the argument "turns will take too long" or whatever argument. I'm just very dissapointed that it wasen't an option in the second game. You make a AAA strategy game with a really intriguing campaign with a ton of factions and lords but you only limit it to 2 people? You could've easily had 5 player campaigns in the first one and 4 player one's in this one at least. I just think it's a real shame that you limit it to 2, it's not like it's a lot of work to add a couple more players to the campaingn map but okay. You have a ton of people buying your game and enjoying it but then they have 1, 2 or even more people that can't join because it's limited to 2 players. Please do something about this. I really want to be able to enjoy this with all of my friends and play it like a grand scale head to head conquest like it was supposed to feel like. The game would also be much more intriguing to people that don't own it yet and thus lead to more sales. I hope that you'll allow us to play with more than 1 friend.

A dissapointed warhammer lover who would really like to be able to play with all his friends


  • SiWISiWI Senior Member Posts: 10,204Registered Users
    I think the limits are more technical (syc, net code ect.) then design.

    being a rather niche feature doesn't help.

    realistic speaking the number of people doing a MP coop campaign is rather low and more numbers don't make that more likely...

    So yeah a feature that is probably technical difficult and won't be used by too many...

    it isn't that suprising that CA has lay this one off isn't it.

    Having said that, I get the desire and doing it once here would "unlock" it for the rest of TW series.

    Who knows, maybe one of the "odd" FLC pictures is for 4 player coop...
  • boyfightsboyfights Junior Member Posts: 4,023Registered Users
    I have a hard time imagining co-op being fun with more than two people tbh, but I'd like to see expanded options for head to head including 3+ player free for all and 2v2 or 3v3. Obviously if CA adds those as options then co-op should come too but I don't think it should bee the priority personally
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  • TurtleSenpaiTurtleSenpai Posts: 2Registered Users
    Oh I guess I forgot to add that to the discussion. I meant all the modes for campaign so co-op and head to head, but head to head preferably yes. Thanks for reminding me! :)
  • Combat_WombatCombat_Wombat Posts: 4,092Registered Users
    I think a FFA mode would be the best way to do a 3+ multiplayer campaign. I don't want to be buddy buddy with the other humans and I don't want to be solely limited to warring with them either. Co-op and head 2 head never did sit right with me. What's wrong with just playing the game at the same time as another player? I want to be able to look at them like I would look any other faction. Except the only difference is they are a competent faction as opposed to the AI.
  • The_baronThe_baron Posts: 502Registered Users
    @SiWI TW multiplayer in general is a niche in a world that everyone plays mostly multiplayer ... millions of players play Overwatch Starcraft and Dota 2 ... you know why people don't play TW multiplayer ? not because its not fun but because its got one of the **** match making and interface . its a quesstion of the chicken or the egg .

    I love TW multiplayer and dont play it ... you know why ... cause it takes to long of a time to find a proper match. same with multiplayer campaign ...

    its only a niche cause the creators made it such and when i say niche i mean the whole TW multiplayer not campaign multiplayer ... all of my friends feel the same and i got 5 good friends who played TW games since the early 2000's.
  • UgandaJimUgandaJim Posts: 264Registered Users
    Yes of course it is a niche because the developers want it to be a niche. I doubt there are real techincal issues, if they want to do a 4+ player campaign. They just dont seem to want that.

    there would be more then enough players to play this camapign and buy the game only because of this.
  • SenseiTJ2SenseiTJ2 Junior Member Posts: 20Registered Users
    OP here again.

    I feel number people who play multiplayer campaigns is being massively underestimated by the majority of people who disagree.

    I do not play Rome 2 on Warhammer single player anymore. I play every campaign coop with a choice of about six friends who own the same games. We constantly go on about how it'd be better if we could play in a huge 4+ player campaign, on Discord.

    It's sad to see that the hugely detailed map of Britain will be confined to two players only, with mindless, predictable AI to fill in the gaps.

    CA should be going about evolution here, not throwing out what is basically a glorified DLC for Atilla.

    They tested the multiplayer campaign idea, sort of, with Hotseat in Med 2.

    Then they released a beta for Empire, allowing for the first time two people to play the same campaign.

    Here we are, all these years later, restricted to the same constraints. If only they had evolved the multiplayer campaign at the same pace they did with the battle engine.
  • Bob12Bob12 Posts: 10Registered Users
    Bit of a necro, but yeah. I'm in college and I have a group of around 9 friends who pretty much only play co-op games like siege and mhw.

    I think a massive co-op like civ would be pretty fun, the way to fix turn times would be to have an option of near instantaneous movement make it so all turns happen at once unless at war(like Civ5).

    Another thing is that all players being able to move their armies at the same time would be interesting as it would be like REAL time strategy overworld map and being able to move faster than the others can just be part of the game of skill.

    I'm pretty sure a lot of players have more than just one friend who would like to do a campaign. 2 player campaign duels are kind of boring after a while, but imagine a 4 person FFA where each one makes a large faction, imagine the backstabbing and diplomacy that will happen if there could only be one victor.
  • SininuSininu Posts: 1Registered Users
    I agree 100% with what is being said by the majority in this thread.

    It would be so cool to be able to play more than 2 people in the campaign, not necessarily as coop or in the other mode, but it's just such a fleshed out world map, having all take their turn at the same time could certainly be something that could add a lot to the game.

    I think it could be just as successful as CK2 or EU4, the replay-ability it would get if more people were able to play together on a map, and if they all took turns at the same time you wouldn't have to wait too long either. But if that poses a problem I know there are a lot of other options to do it. But I'm a bit sad to see that there haven't been done more with the multiplayer in terms of campaign, it's just such a huge potential going to waste, as I know there's so many among my friends who would love this kind of playstyle/mode.

    (Mostly agree with Wombat, having the players be the AI and have the same choices with allies, so it starts out a somewhat ffa seem like the most fun, in terms of strategy as well as gameplay.)
  • DaggorathDaggorath Posts: 1Registered Users
    Sid Meier civilization has more than 2 player co op campaigns I think a max of 6 and that’s the best because you get all your friends together to take over the world together or against each other and it really makes he game more fun when playing with more friends. My friends have total war 1 and 2 but we can never all play together I have to have multipul campaigns goings to play with my friends and that gets boring having to always restart or redo the beginning of a camping if you like 1 faction the most.
  • TommytkTommytk Posts: 1Registered Users

    Although a petition for the multiplayer in Warhammer, but maybe in the future for other parts makes sense

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