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Why is the performance so bad for Warhammer 2?

egervariegervari Registered Users Posts: 2
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I have a Radeon R9 380 with 4 gigs of RAM - I realize that's not exactly ideal, but it's not an ancient video card - it's 2 years old :/ My cpu is a 4.2ghz i7. I'm running on a samsung ssd that reads about 600mb/sec.

At the "Recommended" settings - which is "high" in my case - I am getting 37 fps at 1080p for the battle benchmark and 37 fps at 1080p for the campaign benchmark - worse obviously during the vortex scenes.

I realize that 37fps is playable, but it still feels choppy and it looks so much worse than Warhammer I, where I have SSAO and ultra settings on and achieve higher framerates. Warhammer 2 looks so bad without SSAO turned on. Why is this such an fps hog? Games on my ps4 locked at 30fps actually look smoother. Honestly, they look a lot smoother. Warhammer 2 has stuttering, and I'm not believing the fps.

Why is Warhammer 1 a better looking game than Warhammer 2 for a 2-year old graphics card? Could the optimizations and graphical fidelity not have had a bit more finesse? I really am not interested in spending $1000 to upgrade my video card. Every other modern game in 2017 looks beautiful and runs smooth and at much better framerates with my current hardware :/

My specs are above the recommend specs for the game. So are the recommend specs just trying to achieve 20fps or something? I don't see how a 3.2ghz processor with a r9 280 would achieve even 30fps given my results. I am forced to go below 1080p to get a little better fps with SSAO turned on. I can get 35fps with SSAO on this way, but it's not 1080p - many resolutions lower :( I had to turn everything down or off to get 57-60fps, but then the game looks like it came out 10 years ago :/

The task manager says the game is only using 30-35% cpu utilization. That is a serious bummer that it cannot use more to help it out. All cores are checked in the affinity section.

I just think games released in 2017 should look good and run well at 1080p with a 2 year old computer. It should be optimized that these computers get 45-60fps out of the box on custom crafted settings or something, rather than just build a game that only looks good on Ultra but you need a 1080 Ti to see it.

A seriously frustrated girl trying to play Warhammer 2 in the same way I used to play Warhammer 1 graphically and fps-wise.

What else can I do? I am disappointed and I have no idea what to do. The game just isn't enjoyable with all the stuttering on the campaign map. It's really bothering me.
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  • IchonIchon Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 5,001
    edited November 2017
    37 fps shouldn't be stuttering, the fps must be dropping below 20 to see noticeable stuttering for most people it takes a change of 30% in frame rate beyond 30 to be distracting. Other than playing with settings within the game especially v-sync the only other common solution I've seen to stuttering that isn't different drivers or newer GPU is to turn off HPET in the BIOS.

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  • Joshua2585Joshua2585 Registered Users Posts: 2
    A lot of people are struggling with it, including myself. It's an absolute dog. I actually didn't get Warhammer I, but decided to go out on a limb for Warhammer 2. The graphics are awful. Weird colors that bleed terribly, jerky performance, etc.

    I had read somewhere that they were trying to fix the issue and optimize the game for DirectX12 utilization, instead of 11. In theory, that would allow most rigs that weren't "top of the line" to run at about 2x the FPS. So, if you are running around 30FPS (which is where I'm at), it would double to 60+FPS. I've seen the benchmark tests in the BETA and everything performs so much better. Not sure why it hasn't been implemented, but I had read elsewhere that the TW team decided to just give up on the DirectX12 optimization and move on to other projects.

    No idea what the latest on all this is, but I've shuttered the game until they fix the horrible performance and graphics.

    I have:
    6th gen Intel i5-6300HQ 2.3 GHz Processor (Turbo to 3.2 GHz)
    NVidia GeForce GTX 960 4GB
  • IchonIchon Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 5,001
    With that CPU and GPU DX11 would be your best bet anyway- not any benefit from DX12 for you. 4

    What settings are you on to get 30 fps? To me that is playable though just barely I agree with larger battles especially getting some lags. I have heard alot of people complain about lags in the campaign map which is weird if you are getting that, your system should be able to handle campaign map ok. You can try the 2D/3D option etc as that is the only thing I've seen reported successful for campaign map lag.
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  • tannersofreshtannersofresh Registered Users Posts: 2
    I don’t know if this has anything to do what you guys are talking about but I use to be able to run my game at the best graphics. Now, it runs horribly !!!!! And that’s ALL of my total war games not just war hammer..... any help :(
  • tannersofreshtannersofresh Registered Users Posts: 2
    Idk my specs tho all I know is that it use to run perfect
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