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Old world, new rules

ThibixMagnusThibixMagnus Registered Users Posts: 491
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edit: this thread should be removed, more relevant to the multiplayer section.

The old world factions were at the time a fantastic job from CA, balancing nicely a lot of mechanics that were never seen in Total War such as air combat, powerful lords or magic. It was really the perfect exploratory move that then allowed even more audacious innovations and faction asymmetry in TW:W2.

While it is surely not a priority for now a part a few balance tweaks, it could be good to start thinking about the third game and how the Old World can make a come back with new faction rules, not in terms of balance but unique game play and experience, I mean specifically in multiplayer battle. The risk of having very unbalanced matchups only because of these rules asymmetry has been so far avoided I think, it should remain as such. Here are some suggestions coming from TT, what do you think ? N.B. This is not intended as a balance discussion, let's focus on the relevance, feasibility and fun, so don't cry already costs can always be adjusted :)

Time for some moves ! (sorry)

Empire : detachments / combined arms

This one is tricky, as their TT signature, the detachment system, can’t really work in TWW. But state troops could access unique formations that would allow advanced synergies, such as halberdiers crouching so handgunners can shoot over them, square formations, overwatch orders (the AI charges a spearmen unit if its associated handgunner unit is attacked), or maybe once in a battle the Empire player can pause the game and issue orders. edit: there was a specific thread actually

Greenskins: animosity

With so much rampage going on, greenskins are a decently disciplined army now, which is a shame, they are supposed to be the unruliest and funniest faction. Most greenskins units should at totally random times either start infighting, charge the nearest enemy with a huge bonus to speed and stats, or (worst case scenario) charge an allied unit. On first sight it doesn’t seem like a buff, but all units should have a considerable cost decrease at the same time. And it would give them a lot of thematic character and a unique and very fun experience. The greenskin general should decide how much to invest on black orcs to keep the discipline (so if a player hates the mechanic she can still avoid it), or to just adapt to the initiatives of its troops and improvise. You could even charge your general into an allied unit, kill a few models but make it immune to animosity. Maybe an unruliness bar would be more adapted, you start the battle your main issue is keeping the discipline but as it progresses da boyz focus more on the enemy and become more manageable ?

Bretonnia: lance and blessing

This has been written a lot already in other threads, but this faction really relied on special rules on TT to be competitive. Lance formation really made a huge difference, and the blessing was a very original feature as a player would give away the first turn to pray the lady and get a very big ward save on all its knights (better than dragon princes or savage orcs but lost on retreat).

The following factions already feel much more unique but hey, for the sake of completion …

Vampires: ever growing ranks

VC seem quite unique already, not a lot is needed. Similarly to the Tomb Kings, the enemy losses could trigger something else than a heal, maybe models only (no heal), or a vigour replenishment (if compensated of course, leadership nerf for chaff, cost increase for elites). Each kill could also just increase the winds reserve.Or simpler, maybe just a Vampiric trait (it has been discussed already I think), maybe all vampires could be immune to vigour loss.

Dawi: rune forging

Leaving apart the fact that all factions would have a completely new item selection system, with a totally different UI to see them at first glance on the battlefield…
well the Dawi could bring it to the next level and bring a lot of customization to not only heroes but most units. Ironbreakers immune to fire breaths, tracking cannon balls, lord immune to knockback, etc.

Beastmen: blood frenzy:

Kills could give an army wide speed buff.

Wood elves: tree singing

Just pop forests out of nowhere. Really.
That would require a ton of work on the engine side while maybe not that useful unless associated with something else but it would be fantastic. Just shaping the terrain with fast growing permanent trees that would give bonuses around. And hopefully Ariel …

Chaos: they will have their fair share of fun in TWW3 already ^^

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  • GrandChamp89GrandChamp89 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,555
    Would love tweaks for old world.

    Dark Elves got their bloodlust meter
    TOmb Kings got their healing meter
    High Elves got their Diplomacy thing
    Lizardmen got the Geometric Web

    On top of that all their legendary leaders got traits that blow old world out the water.
    Tyrion: 35 % less upkeep for archers and spear
    Karl Franz: +2 leadership

    Then there's the skill tree. All the new factions got a skill tree that blows old world out of the water yet again. -23 % upkeep just from the blue skill line!

    Compare that to Isabella that can't even improve her infantry and only get lightning strike as the very end of the campaign skill line lol. SHe's worse than a regular vampire lord who's already lackluster compared to new world.

    Then we got the rituals - New world got them (good and bad) old world doesn't.

    Old world needs a lot of love to be on par with the new boys in town IMHO
    "It's the hottest fire that forge the strongest steel"
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