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Which Tomb Kings Legendary Lord are you?



  • KronusXKronusX Registered Users Posts: 1,372
    You are High Queen Khalida Neferher!

    You are the Wisdom of Asaph made flesh, the Voice of the Vengeful, the Lioness of the Hills, She Whose Legions Blot Out the Sun With Their Arrows, High Queen Khalida, Guardian of Damned Lahmia, the Watchful Soul and the Serpent Queen. All must kneel, so that they might bask in your radiance!

    O.o, did not expect that.
  • bippuktbippukt Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 102
    Something is wrong. It says Arkhan the Black for me and that certainly isn't happening.

    Not a chance!

    No way!
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