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Suggestion for gameplay

tocalloxtocallox Registered Users Posts: 4

I don't know if i'm on the good channel for that but here's my comments:
i've been playing warhammer fantasy roleplay at the age of 14 and i played a lot for like 8 years and i've played both Total war:warhammer games since the beggining and here's a couple of things i would like to see: In warhammer fantasy roleplay it was possible to buy and sell magical item that you looted from an orc that you've killed.

Why not put a shop (in your capital from exemple) of the latest building in your magic building tree that would make it possible to sell some weapons or items that you got and don't use. It would be also great to be alble to buy some magical weapon/armors/items also like it was possible in WFR.

Also i would like to be able trade a city that you are missing to get the complet set. I got the dwarven city but i'm missing the 4th one to get the whole province.In the other hand i got a city in the border prince that would benefit more the them than me. The only choice that i got right now is to declare war on them and take back my 4th city but i don't want that cause border prince faction is protectin the north east of my empire.....it would make sense to be able to trade a city if it benefit both our faction (also the relation with border prince faction is like 295 very friendly).

Also since it's possible to teleport for our hero (for 1500 golds) to do their special quest to get a epic purple item why not make the teleport spell available for any other unit (for a fee like 5000 or 10000 golds). I got unit in the north fighting archeon and i got the rest of my army South to destroy the undead. After i've destroy archeon i got army's that would be more usefull in the South but it's taking like 15 turns to get South (which is soooo long). With a teleport spell i would get my army South in a round thus saving time and keeping pressure on the undead. it's possible for the hero's amy to telport why not allow it for the rest of the army?.

So that was my 3 suggestions. Hopefully someone in the dev team will read it out and use it in the next patch.

Sorry for my spelling i'm french-native from canada.


  • kentoniuskentonius Registered Users Posts: 2
    Adding to this, in many TW games I've wished I could gift a protectorate regions. in TW: Attila I found it advantageous to create buffers with my pupper states while playing the Eastern Romans,, and I would have liked to buff them up by conquering and gifting them regions near them

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