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I can't join my Multiplayer Total War Attila campain save anymore

DorenasDorenas Registered Users Posts: 1

I have a new problem that I didn't have with ROME II on Attila.

I did a multiplayer campain with a friend who hosted it. But now we are not able to launch the save anymore.

I still can create another Multiplayer campain and he can join it, but then when I try again to join his save it doesn't work.

There is actually no report or log of any error: I can join the lobby and set ready, it starts to launch the loading but it is devided in 2 loading bars : one is really quick ( i'm assuming this is the loading bar to the campain that bugged ) and one very quick that leads me back to the Main Menu.

It's very convenient and I hope there is a solution.



  • Bazinga98Bazinga98 Registered Users Posts: 4
    Hello there,

    My friend and I are having the same issue. We have 100+ turns into a campaign save with several mods that I host. However, we discovered today that he is unable to rejoin this save for some reason. We are having a different issue from you, where he is unable to even join into the lobby. We don't even get to the loading screen that you have described.

    Hopefully a fix comes out for this because my friend and I understand your frustration.
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