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Continue to talk about business cooperation

Diego_DaiDiego_Dai Registered Users Posts: 1
Thank God, I can finally log in
Dear sir
About our last exchange,You may have some misunderstanding, we apply for the agency, which does not mean we will run without depending on the STEAM platform, you can refer to the DOTA2 agency mode of Perfect World.
The fair evaluation is that though the STEAM users have grown fast in the past two years in the Chinese market, in fact STEAM is still not so popular, considering that there are more than 600 million game players in the Chinese market. Also, there are other same type of platforms competing with STEAM in Chinese mainland, so many players will miss it if it is only sold in STEAM, which is a pity for game industry practitioners and loyal fans.
Firstly, we will tell you what we think is a viable model of cooperation. Of course, we can discuss together if you have a better model. SEGA still issues the Total War: Three Kingdoms in STEAM, providing us with a single client installation package (bounded with STEAM account system) and authorizing us to operate in Chinese mainland (all sales divided based on our agreement), Chinese players can download this installation package through our official website to install the game (same like DOTA2 Chinese version). And we can get more user resources through advertising and make it on-line in other Chinese domestic platforms to get more exposure for the game, the issuer will bear the cost of advertising and marketing. With this, the effect is to double the number of users in Chinese mainland, with more exposure not just for the STEAM version, it will benefit other sequels of the Full-scale War.
If Chinese players could discuss the game on other social tools that they are accustomed to using, which will make us gain a unique advantage in the operation of users' activity and feedback.
To achieve all the above contents, we only need you to provide us with operational authorization and technical support of R&D, so we hope your company can seriously consider our proposals, and sincerely hope that we can have a chance for the deep exchange and cooperation.
In addition, we can use e-mail exchange?
My E-mail:[email protected]
which is a win-win for us, why not try it?


  • RandomTagRandomTag Registered Users Posts: 1,479
    Wut? Again?
    CA is a developer under publisher SEGA. Any talk on business matter should be directed to SEGA Europe through official channel, not this anonymous forum. No business representative would do something like OP did. That, plus the obvious non-business email address...
    Out with you!!
  • WarlockeWarlocke Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,923
    My E-mail:[email protected]

    Seems legit.
  • TsiarTsiar Registered Users Posts: 377
  • zspianozspiano Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 376
    edited January 2018
    OMG it is sooo naive hehehe, why SEGA as a global game publisher will cooperate with you? How simple your mind is to think you can start up a business by just putting down words and email to a game community hahaha!
  • CaptainSensibleCaptainSensible Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 105
    Oh god, I can imagine this guy wanting to go full PUBG and selling cheating software with the game. In fact, is this PUBG's Chinese distributor?
  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USARegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 19,845
    Closed for review.
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