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Give ALL ROR a BANNER to support regualr units

BRiiTASH2BRiiTASH2 Registered Users Posts: 412
Ive been giving a lot of thought about how to balance some of the Old World factions against some of the Newer factions and something ive noticed is the lack of equippable banners for most of them.
Apart from the Wood Elves Glade Lords and the Warrior Priest for the empire, there are few lords or heroes who have banners equippable for them in MP.
Considering the significant benefits they provide in the single player campaign and battles, it seems,a shame to see this mechanic missing from MP.
My suggestions is to provide each ROR with their own Banner to reflect the significance of each unit, and these can provide benefits for either themselves or allies around them.
This can be something minor like a +4 leadership buff to themselves and all allies in a 10M radius, or a 20% speed buff for themselves.
Ive provided a link to the Banners from TW Warhammer 1 to use as a refference.
I think that these would add an interesting twist on some of the earlier ROR who seem to have been neglected unlike some of the newer ROR that are coming with the Norsca update.


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