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Black Screen on Boot? Try these steps while we work on a fix!



  • Stefke86Stefke86 Posts: 16Registered Users
    Same as the 2 people above me :-(
  • adj04adj04 Posts: 3Registered Users

    My laptop with windows 10 and NVIDEA 870m also crashed during start up of the game.
    Tried all the given suggestions on the forum but no succes.
    With the script from CA I was able to open the game in windowed mode, but after changing graphics it crashed again.

    In a post from JADEN 1 about GRAPHIC OPTIMIZATION, I found the solution for me.
    To find the compatibility in steam right click steam desktop icon and select properties, then click compatibility, then run program in compatibility for windows 7

    I deleted the script from CA and with Steam in windows 7 compatibility it works like a charm!

    Hopefully this works for other people as wel
  • IcarusFBEIcarusFBE Posts: 7Registered Users
    Ok good news! Got it working - I did a clean install of Windows 10, version 1703 (pre-fall creators update), and installed an earlier version of my Nvidia driver (version 388.49 I think). I'll have a little play around and see if I can narrow down what fixed it and report back if I figure it out, but for now I hope that might help someone else.

    The graphics driver would be a fairly easy one for someone else to check, but if it's the windows version, then a clean reinstall of Windows isn't necessarily required. Check to see if you can roll back the fall creators update and give it a go.

    Good luck!
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