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[help] What total war titles can my laptop run?

MapleSizzurpMapleSizzurp Posts: 1Registered Users
Hey guys, curious what titles i can run without "burning out" my laptop. Currently if i play Warhammer 1 total war, my laptop goes up to ~85 degrees on most of its cores. (If i run the lowest resolution it runs at about ~80 but the games really ugly :( )

I was wondering if you guys think I could run atilla fine without jeopardizing the long term health of the laptop.


Intel i5-7300hq quad core 2.5 ghz
Ram : 12 gbs
Graphics carD: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050

(Are there any stats im missing? Im a noob @ computers)


  • psychoakpsychoak Posts: 1,467Registered Users
    The thermal cutoff is 100C, so you're not actually burning out your laptop. There are plenty of performance laptops running that hot.

    That said, while probably perfectly safe, 85 is absurdly high for a low power system. Assuming this is a new system, it's either a bad design(Asus GL553's are a bad design apparently), or a poor job with the thermal paste. Your problem could be dust clogged ventilation as well. A cooling pad will help if it's a design problem, odds are you don't want to redo the thermal paste.

    Switching to Atilla probably wont change the temperature dynamics that much, your problem isn't the game, but the heat dissipation. Atilla will be a lower load, but your 1050 should be the weak point in this system, meaning the game will run better, and create a similar heat level. To reduce your load, you'd need to implement a low frame rate throttle. Say your system is doing 35fps at an acceptable level of graphics, you could throttle it to 30 and significantly reduce your temperatures.
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