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End turn CtD in bretonnia campaign

LiQuiD1389LiQuiD1389 Registered Users Posts: 4
Build: V1.3.0

Detailed description: The game crash during AI turn in bretonnia campaign, when it come to Ogelo's knight ( or somthing like that, i dont want to run the game to see it crash again ) to play, it's an unknow faction, never met them, can't see them on the map.

Reproduction Steps:
- Load save-file
- press end turn
- "enjoy"

Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:
tryed to load a previous file, check the game cache, lower graphism, fast forward AI turn, click everywhere, insult game, smash computer, go to bed etc ... Last resort if no fix is ask for a refund.

Since there are many people reporting issue like this since october and before that in the previous game as well, Would you kindly tell us what's the issue and if the devs are able to fix it or not ? Are they even working on it or are they to busy working on another DLC, with its bunch of crash like Tomb kings ?


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