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KEYBOARD NOT WORKING in TW: Attila, Rome 2 or Shogun 2

zogulusnigzogulusnig Posts: 4Registered Users
I recently installed a fresh Windows 10 installation on my computer (Mac Pro Early 2008) on a seperate hard drive from my Mac install. After installing Windows, updating Windows, and installing the Apple Support Software drivers (none of which are specific to my keyboard, which is a Macally ICEkey), I installed Steam and my Total War games.

The keyboard works perfectly in Empire: Total War and Napoleon: Total War, and will allow me to use the escape key to skip the SEGA intro and Game Intros. I can even use the ESCAPE key to skip past the introductory video that displays after choosing a starting faction for a new game. At this point, the keyboard ceases to function. This problem was NOT present in Windows 7.

The keyboard does not work AT ALL from here on foward. It does nothing on the campaign map or during battles. I cannot use the ESCAPE key to bring up the menu, or exit out of any screen.

I am NOT loading a saved game. This problem presents itself after starting a new campaign of any sort.

The Steam overlay appears as expected when pressing ****+TAB and the keyboard functions correctly within that overlay, but does not function at all again once the overlay is dismissed.

I see a LOT of posts about this problem, and have tried a wide number of possible solutions as outlined in the forum (integrity verification, reinstall, different keyboards and different USB ports, editing save_game files to adjust "CAMPAIGN_CAMERA_MANAGER", etc. I have changed the compatibility settings on both Steam and the individual game EXEs to use "Windows 7 Compatibity Mode" and "Run as Administrator". NOTHING has fixed my issues.

Find attached my "DXDiag" and "modified.log" files.

PLEASE respond with some manner of attention to this. I have been an avid fan of these games since they were first introduced, and this is the first time I have come across such a game killing bug. Thanks for your time.


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