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Can I run total warhammer on this laptop?

SET1984SET1984 Posts: 3Registered Users
Hi, I'm new and interested in getting this game. My best computer is a 2016 Lenovo thinkpad that was a gift. I know laptops aren't ideal and I'd be surprised if it can run it. I don't know all the specs, in fact I don't know how to find out exactly, I'm not a techie (I know, what am I doing here). Anyone know how I can find out if the game will run effectively? Anyone else have this type of machine? Thanks and happy gaming!


  • IchonIchon Senior Member Posts: 4,708Registered Users
    YouTube, it takes over your mind and guides you to strange places like tutorials on how to talk to a giraffe.
  • psychoakpsychoak Posts: 1,467Registered Users
    Search for dxdiag from the start menu, run it.

    You're looking for processor and memory on the system tab, and chip type on a display tab.

    Come back with those and you can get useful information. :)
  • SET1984SET1984 Posts: 3Registered Users
    edited February 16
    Okay this is from the dxdiag. Tell me if this is the right info or if there is more that needs to be provided.

    Processor: intel (R) Core (TM) i5-6200U CPU @ 2.30 GHz (4 CPU's) ~2.4 GHz

    Memory: 4096 MB Ram

    Chip Type: Intel (R) HD graphics family
  • psychoakpsychoak Posts: 1,467Registered Users
    I'm going with no. Run, yes, effectively, very unlikely. That chip was marginally functional for the first game, certainly, the sequel will run even worse, this is a video of a guy running it.

  • SET1984SET1984 Posts: 3Registered Users
    Yeah. It sounds like a need a specific gaming PC rather than a laptop to run this caliber of game am I right?
  • psychoakpsychoak Posts: 1,467Registered Users
    A laptop will work, it just needs to be a discrete gpu. The gaming laptop thread stickied in this board is a good source of information there.

    A desktop to game on will certainly cost you a lot less money though. You can put together a decent system for running this for under a grand.
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