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Defeated LL's Traits

SaisioSaisio Registered Users Posts: 38
As far as the game goes it is brilliant, but what the heck. Why should defeated LL's traits take slots of LL's trait cap regular Lords sure, but LL's its quite frustrating. Not to mention an example if Tyrion defeat Malakith, Tyrion will get extra from raiding and frenzy which btw you will get duo do the quest battle, I mean what the heck the high elf's can't even raid, not the mention if you defeat Manfred as an other Vampire faction, the reduced attrition taken in vampire territory, I mean come on. Why should those worthless LL's traits for some factions take up slots from the trait cap on your LL's Enough of the rant.

I would like to suggest a total revamp on how the Defeated LL's traits works, take them out of the regular trait roster. And then introduce an own trait system for the defeated LL's, an own trait tree who dosen't get constrained down my trait cap.

Thanks in adv


  • HolySaintKnightHolySaintKnight Registered Users Posts: 4,419
  • SaisioSaisio Registered Users Posts: 38
    I could prob add more LL traits which are keen to be worhtless for some faction as vampire counts, the vampire lord comes with the skill cause terror. Then for beating Karl Franz hurray, thank you very much for taking up a trait slots, causes terror against empire trait.

    Further down the line i think the hole LL defeat trait system has to be dealt with somehow, either remove it, or make some trait unobtainable for some factions, cause some you can get threw skill in your skill tree.
    One other thing your game are modable for moders to make defeatable traits for there LL's, those who have made those mode keep at it. As long the game is open for modifi traits, then you can atleast make the trait cap easy to acces for moders.

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