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User Info RequiredAttila total war lag with beefy laptop

FPSProgrammerFPSProgrammer Posts: 5Registered Users
edited March 2018 in Crashes & Performance
my friends having a problem and hes dumb so im doing this for him

my pc is almost worse than his and i play full settings with 60+ fps
he lags on the main screen too and its almost like the game isn't using all resources allowed even with unlimited video memory the cpu is below 20% ram use is 800mb - 1.5gb gpu usage is about 10%

things i have done:
affinity for cores
different settings

Alienware 2017 model
intel i7-7700HQ CPU 2.80GHZ
16 GB ram
1tb with 250gb free
nvidia GTX 1060 6gb dedicated
windows 10

with minimum settings and no mods and just installed gets 25fps on bench mark
with medium settings and no mods gets 22fps on bench mark
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