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Guilty or Innocent? How to avoid public burnt at the stake for heresy!

Bies#4376Bies#4376 Junior MemberSwedenRegistered Users Posts: 5,847
"Since the time of Sigmar Himself, we have been no more than a flicketing beacon of hope amidst a sea of despair and corruption, but never before have we faced so many dangers. We must suffer the simple-minded liberalism of our burgomeisters, the sactioning of magic use, the heresy of false prophets and religions, the arrogance of the Arch-lectors and the convulted plots of the Dark Gods - the rot has sunk deep into the flesh of the Empire, where even now it festers and grows"
- Witch Hunter

Avoiding execution....

If you will not manage....

"I shivered at the sight of her - her beauty far beyond that of mortal man. But her soul glowed with an inner darkness that chilled my very core."


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