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Can't even get past turn 1 in head-to-head campaign. Help me with your bugs please CA

LenkaLenka Registered Users Posts: 31
I've been trying with a friend to do a head-to-head campaign for the last 4 hours.

- Game disconnects in turn 1 at various times.

"Game aborted - host has disconnected". It shows both participants that the other player has disconnected.

- Can't join game in lobby.

Every now and then no matter what we try we get; "Can't join game - unspecified error"

-Huge random performance cuts.

You'll be trying to play this buggy mess, then all of a sudden frame rate drops in half and everything you click on or type in, even in Steam client becomes laggy and slow to respond.
This forces you to have to restart the game or your computer to have it "fixed" until the next time it randomly happens.

-Portions of campaign map flicker/flashing.

Flat-lying portions of campaign map flashes after a end turn. Happens randomly.
Sometimes it's only portions around roads leading into a settlement that flickers.

I already asked help on this topic over a week ago. No reply yet.


Does this game require numerous "registry edits" and driver magicianry? What then??

Now my friend doesn't even want to play this game full of bugs anymore and I have no MP partner. We specifically bought this game more than a year after release so that the bugs would be ironed out.
What a waste of time and money.
I even quit TW games altogether with the release of SHOGUN 2 after trying MP campaign over 10 times and being unable to finish 1 of them!
Now this ****


  • LenkaLenka Registered Users Posts: 31
    If you want more details:
    Our connections are fine.

    Western Roman Empire vs Sassanid Empire - Because apparently some factions have more bugs than others.
  • LenkaLenka Registered Users Posts: 31
    Ok, I got another classic for you:

    MP campaign.
    Alans vs Huns.
    Turn 1.

    I play Alans. I move eastern horde. Encamp. I select troops to recruit and buildings to construct.

    I then fight a battle with western horde. After battle my eastern horde is "de-emcamped".
    Out of encampment mode and I cant re-encamp and recruit or build that turn cos no movement points. Cos bugs. Bugs.

  • LenkaLenka Registered Users Posts: 31
    Did I miss anything? Besides the other issues on this forum. Did I miss anything here?
  • LenkaLenka Registered Users Posts: 31
    STILL no answer after waiting 4 months posting these problems asking for help in the official Creative Assembly Support Forums??

    Good job guys
  • HazzballHazzball Registered Users Posts: 7
    I know right, I've posted some too about the Multiplayer Campaign, No one answers.. Not even the Devs!
  • tanoryytanoryy Registered Users Posts: 5
    @Lenka have they replied to you at all?
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