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Game (warhammer) wont launch

_Schneider_Schneider Registered Users Posts: 3
I know a lot of people had the same issue, but i cant work around it.

I bought the game in 2017 and played it for 85 hours. Then the problem began.

When i hit play steam says "preparing to launch" and it appears on the warhammer icon at library "running" then "syncing" and then nothing happens. The game launcher doesnt load.

I tried every solving tip there is in the internet until this day and nothing works.

I updated every drive, I downloaded and installed the game again. I tried the folder rename, the folder delete, the repair of vcredist, all the "lobotomy" solutions. I did follow all possible solution in this list: https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/209068385#CheckPrefScript


Now ill follow the "nothing works" protocol of the same link above which says to post my problem here. So here comes:

a) My Dxdiag goes attached.


b) My computer is a desktop


c) I dont have a preferences.script file. One of the tried solutions was to use a defaut script given in that link (https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/209068385#CheckPrefScript). It didnt work so i moved to the next solution that was lobotomy and i deleted the entire %appdata%roaming/warhammer folder as said in the same link. So i have to file to show now.


d) I cant provide a minidump file for the same reasons above. There is no warhammer folder anymore.

Please, someone help me. I really want to keep the game. I was about to buy the warhammer 2 when the problem began. My next move will be to ask for a refund.


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