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Empire ME on Hard - Stuck?

Adrift65Adrift65 Posts: 55Registered Users
I have united the Empire, and most of the Olde World is at least aligned with me. I only need to get The Oak of Ages and Marigilia (sp?) to finish the Long Campaign.

But...I am stuck in the upper NE of the Empire, beating back the never-ending Chaos spawns. I don't think I can break away enough muscle to take out the moderately powerful Wood Elves, and then march on Tilea. The WE are in a non-aggression pact with me, but it doesn't even give me the option to align them. This was true with Brettonia, too, until I broke the pact (figuring I had to fight them), but then it offered me the option of Alliance. Is that a bug of some sort? if I break the Non Agg pact with the WE, will it then allow me to Align them? Or do I have to go burn the woods down, while simultaneously holding off the constant chaos spawns?



  • blaatblaat Junior Member Posts: 2,995Registered Users
    @DarkLordD can you help out seeing as you are playing an empire game on hard right now

    @Adrift65 I myself am not a good player and I use so many mods I may as well be playing a different game hence I asked my friend to help you sorry


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  • hurricane501hurricane501 Senior Member Posts: 1,834Registered Users
    As empire you can easy beat chaos with ranged, use outriders to split them apart, they will chase you and it will allow your hand gunners to nuke the few that attack you, just use a flying unit to kill the hell cannons.

    Chaos are very slow and so prone to being rekt by AP ranged and arty. Use net wizards if you need more help.

    Chaos is so easy to fight its a shame as they are the end game, the fast armies are the hardest to fight, TKs are a decent challenge specially when they spam top tier units and have the scarab global up.

  • DaGangsterDaGangster Junior Member Posts: 740Registered Users
    If you are at war with someone they are allies with or they are at war with someone you are allies with, it wont let you get an alliance with them.

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  • Michael4537Michael4537 Posts: 2,071Registered Users
    FYI, in case you didn't know, Hellblaster Volley Guns are VERY good now against infantry, especially armored infantry. If you don't have any in your fight against Chaos, I would suggest using some. Get some Handgunners (still good, even with the line of sight bug) or Outriders, Greatswords, STanks, magic (Lore of Heavens is my preferred) and as many Demigryphs as possible (Reiksguard work good as well). Mortars are surprising decent for their cost, and Halberdiers work pretty well at holding the line against the strong monsters of Chaos. Basically have as much AP as possible, but make sure some of that is missile to fend of any Marauder Horsemen.

    As for the diplomacy, I would suggest concentrating on one foe at a time (if possible). Other than that, you're on your own!
  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USAPosts: 18,323Registered Users, Moderators, Knights
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  • Adrift65Adrift65 Posts: 55Registered Users
    That makes sense about being allied with an enemy. Something must have changed when the Bretts suddenly allowed me to Ally them. I am now allied with the Bretts, who are of course at war with the Woodies, which means I can't Align the woodies. So burn down the woods I must.

    It isn't the chaos stacks, per se, that are the problem, just the fact they come in groups or 4 minimum, it appears. I use witch hunters to try to Block them and break apart their blobs, so I can more easily double and triple team their stacks individually. I have most (all?) of the unit elements described above (stanks, greatswords, hellblasters, etc), but when there is pretty much a minimum sized blob of 4 chaos armies spawning immediately upon the death of the preceding wave, it keeps the majority of my stacks hanging around in the NE to deal with them. (Not to mention Norse sneaking in from the West as well). Maybe I will instruct my Brett allies to focus on taking out the woodies. I have one stack out West in case some Norse or skaven sneak in the back door, but I will just have to figure a way to make it work with one less stack in the NE. Two stacks + Bretts to focus on the Woodies...
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