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New to the game -- hammer and anvil tactic

hammerandanvilhammerandanvil Posts: 2Registered Users
Hello everyone. I'm completely new to Total War and I picked up Shogun 2 because it was on sale for crazy cheap. I was absolutely obsessed with reading about Alexander the Great's conquests, and he almost exclusively used the Hammer and Anvil tactic in his battle, barring a few notable exceptions.

I'm obviously terrible at this game, as it is so vast, and I would like to know if there is a way of consistently utilizing the Hammer and Anvil tactic, as well as which units I should focus on building during my multiplayer campaigns.

I purchased the game with a friend, and we do multiplayer campaigns, so, if possible, please focus on this aspect if it's relevant.

I just want to purchase the most useful units for the tactic, and utilize them well. My front line seems to just get destroyed by bowmen before I even have the chance to play my cavalry around the flank.

And Alexander the Great used his Phalanx as his front line until the cavalry could flank around, but I am not sure if there is anything comparable in this game. I'm not sure if spearmen of any sort could deal with samurais.

Thanks for any information, guys and gals.


  • eXteNioneXteNion Posts: 37Registered Users
    Yari Ashigaru and Naginata Samurai are great in keeping the front line while being supported by Bow units. There is also a good amount of cavalry to do the flank maneuvres.

    Even though you can utilize this tactic with every faction in the game, I'd suggest you play Oda. If you build Yari Dojo and Encampent in a castle, you can recruit Yari Long Ashigaru who are pretty much like Alexander's Pike Phalanx.
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