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Done with CA bashers



  • FranzSaxonFranzSaxon Registered Users Posts: 2,370
    edited April 2018
    MrJade said:

    For all the people conflating and whining about warhammer, historical fans have waited 3 years plus for a title, so please leave that point alone. We like warhammer to, but we are entitled to be excited about our historical content and we deserve a game. Warhammer has had a great content lineup, and you guys deserve a polished product, but we deserve a historical title to. Just leave it be. Nobody is bashing warhammer. We don't care. Nobody even mentioned it.

    This is a massive strawman. No one said that historical content shouldn't come out, but that CA royally **** up by the numbers with Norsca, some Warhammer content.

    Also, Hugothester and fredericmeyern both talked about Warhammer, so again, factually incorrect.
    Yeah and someone above also talked about historical titles being less important than warhammer.
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