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Ultimate Araby Unit List (The Canon Edition)



  • DraxynnicDraxynnic Registered Users Posts: 10,971
    One possible approach with the Golden Magus, if CA decides to use him, could be to have him press his claim as the reincarnation of the Gilded King and claim Copher for himself.

    I'd also be inclined to say that the Golden Magus being a secret Tzeentch follower is quite likely a consequence of the manipulation mentioned in the DoC book.
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    edited April 2018
    good work and I love the picture of goldtooth :D:D wel done


    It's much easier and more fun to get engrossed in lore that takes itself seriously and tries to make sense within its own frame of reference.

    the reason I prefer LOTR over warhammer fantasy and 40k

    I am dutch so if you like to have a talk in dutch shoot me a PM :)
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    Dude, once again. Thank you for your efforts. Very enjoyable and I look forward to playing them.
    Live your life and try to do no harm.

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    You forgot the Mad Mullah Akhlan, he IS a real candidate for Araby LLs
  • Some_ScribeSome_Scribe Registered Users Posts: 1,382
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    You forgot the Mad Mullah Akhlan, he IS a real candidate for Araby LLs

    Good call. I forgot to mention Akhlan'd.

    Akhlan'd is from 1984, so he's not actually canon anymore (which is what I'm trying to stick to). He was also long dead, despite having rules and a model, and the Death Commandos were just carrying on his legacy. Plus, his lore involves retconned Sea Elf lore.

    He IS a GW character, though, so they could bring him back. Here's a link with all his info:

  • DerpyRoxasDerpyRoxas Registered Users Posts: 3,348


    You forgot the Mad Mullah Akhlan, he IS a real candidate for Araby LLs

    Good call. I forgot to mention Akhlan'd.

    Akhlan'd is from 1984, so he's not actually canon anymore (which is what I'm trying to stick to). He was also long dead, despite having rules and a model, and the Death Commandos were just carrying on his legacy. Plus, his lore involves retconned Sea Elf lore.

    He IS a GW character, though, so they could bring him back. Here's a link with all his info:

    If Sir John Tryweld is back, along with Orion, I don't see why Akhlan'd can't. I think that the "canon 8th edition wall" is no more, and every piece of lore is since valid, even if on 2nd edition or before.
    Especially with CA clearly saying that we are going to see "things not canon anymore"
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    I think realistically, we'll see Jaffar (though how they plan to implement him so he's not an Arkhan clone is beyond me,) and either the Golden Magus or the Grand Sultan of Araby. If we see the Grand Sultan as a Legendary Lord then that opens some doors for game three. I'm talking Cathay with Dragon Emperor and Monkey King as a genuine possibility at that point. Just something to keep in mind.
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    You forgot the Mad Mullah Akhlan, he IS a real candidate for Araby LLs

    Good call. I forgot to mention Akhlan'd.

    Akhlan'd is from 1984, so he's not actually canon anymore (which is what I'm trying to stick to). He was also long dead, despite having rules and a model, and the Death Commandos were just carrying on his legacy. Plus, his lore involves retconned Sea Elf lore.

    He IS a GW character, though, so they could bring him back. Here's a link with all his info:

    If Sir John Tryweld is back, along with Orion, I don't see why Akhlan'd can't. I think that the "canon 8th edition wall" is no more, and every piece of lore is since valid, even if on 2nd edition or before.
    Especially with CA clearly saying that we are going to see "things not canon anymore"
    4th-8th editions are basically Warhammer's canon, with the caveat that later editions trump older editions if there's a lore conflict between them. This includes official, canon publications and like Tamurkhan, Dreadfleet, Mordheim, Warmaster, and White Dwarf issues from the time of these editions. (Not Blood Bowl, since that's explicitly an alternate universe.) Here too, newer lore trumps older lore in the event of differences.

    1st-3rd editions are essentially the primordial, formative years of Warhammer Fantasy. They laid the basic groundwork for the world we know and love to be set in stone during 4th edition, but they have so many fundamental lore differences to the current canon, from basic geography to race descriptions to army rosters, that nothing from them can't be considered canon unless GW says so.

    Don't get me wrong: I'd actually love to see more early edition stuff get added back into the modern Warhammer world, like the Knights of Origo (done!) and some Far Eastern stuff like Ki-rin, but all that stuff still fits into the current canon, or fits easily with some very minor tweaks. Things like Half-Orcs, Lizardmen being cave-dwellers, Mazdamundi being emperor of the Slaan Empire, and Arabyans being actual Muslims don't fit anymore.

    Akhlan'd's background relies on retconned Elf lore, and since he's explicitly dead, that makes him a lot harder to justify as a viable LL for Araby. They'd need to really change his lore if they wanted him to fit in, and at that point there are easier candidates from the current canon.

    That being said, the Death Commandos would make a great RoR for Araby if their fluff was tweaked. Instead of driving Elven colonists out of Araby, they can say that these guys' descendants were wronged and their then-leader Akhlan'd were wronged by Dark Elves or something.
  • MrJadeMrJade Senior Member Lansing, MIRegistered Users Posts: 7,165
    What were Sea Elves? Just a group of sea-faring elves from a mono-culture? Or was it something like DE, HE, SE, WE?
  • Some_ScribeSome_Scribe Registered Users Posts: 1,382
    MrJade said:

    What were Sea Elves? Just a group of sea-faring elves from a mono-culture? Or was it something like DE, HE, SE, WE?

    This is a gross oversimplification, and someone please correct me if I make a mistake, but:

    In early editions, Sea Elves were more-or-less High Elves who lived outside of Ulthuan, either because they were merchants and sailors by trade or because they were descended from the original Elven colonists in the Old World. These colonists decided not to return to Ulthuan after the War of the Beard, but didn't withdraw from civilization like the Wood Elves, so they live mostly in human ports.

    Oh, and they loved the sea and were fantastic sailors.

    Sea Elves actually had their own units and even army lists in 1st-3rd editions. Those disappeared in 4th edition, and although nothing ever took their place, the Sea Elves eventually disappeared from the lore altogether.

    That being said, there are mentions of elven mercenaries in the 5th edition Dogs of War armybook who aren't identified as High or Dark Elves. In particular, Elodhir Seamane, the self-proclaimed "most famous swordsman in the world and by far the most handsome of all living Elves", has a funny conversation with General Blackheart on pg. 73. (He's complaining that his Elves are assigned a spot in camp next to Golgfag's Ogres.)

    Overall, it's fairer to say that Sea Elves faded into obscurity than that they were retconned. GW could bring them back into the lore really easily since they just live in human ports. If we get Tilea/Dogs of War, I hope they add a Sea Elf unit to their roster.

    If we don't get Sea Elves, Lothern Sea Guard are the closest High Elves to them in personality.

    This is a pic of the Storm Riders, a Sea Guard RoR from canon. They're so ferocious and good at boarding actions that they've actually become legendary among Black Arc Corsairs, and they have a massive bounty on their heads from a Dreadfleet captain whose **** they wrecked once.
  • Some_ScribeSome_Scribe Registered Users Posts: 1,382
    The final content post, ladies and gentlemen.

    This post will cover all the Arabyan units I missed in previous posts. I'll go over them in the same order that I did the main sections in (infantry>cavalry>monsters>artillery>lords & heroes>LLs).

    Also, here's a map of Araby, which I finally realized that I didn't include before:

    It's pretty darn close to the TWW2 Vortex map in terms of where things are placed, which is great.

    With that said, let's dive right in.


    Some kitbashed Arabyan handgunners that primarily use Empire Handgunner models. (I should know, having built some.) The commander even has a Hochland Long Rifle.

    I know what you're thinking: "What is this, Some_Scribe? You said that Arabyans are behind the Old World in gunpowder tech."

    Correct, and what I said still holds true. However, the Warmaster Armies description for Arabyan bowmen says that "although firearms are known in Araby they are nowhere near as common or as advanced as those used in the Old World and are rarely issued to common troops [emphasis mine]" (pg. 47). This wording implies that Arabyan missile troops, especially elite troops, equipped with firearms are rare and inferior to Old World handgunners, but they do exist.

    One way to implement this would be to give Araby a high-tier unit with firearms that's good in melee, but their firearms are inferior to the Old World's. I'd personally give the Arabyans inferior range and reload times, encouraging players to use the unit less like Empire Handgunners and more like melee infantry with a one-time shooting attack.

    But there are plenty of ways CA and GW could do something interesting with Arabyan Handgunners.

    Oh, and about Arabyan Jezzails: There's no canon info on them, but they're on the Hero-on-a-Camel model, so they're probably canon. Here's their STRICTLY NON-CANON description from the WFRP 2nd edition's Old World Armoury (2005, pg. 46):

    "This long-barreled arquebus was first designed in Araby, and since its inception, few have made their way to the Old World. Owned mostly by wealthy collectors and wealthy nobles, jezzails benefit from a longer range than their larger counterparts."

    (Don't worry, Imperial fans, they're still very much outclassed by the Hochland Long Rifle in terms of range and damage in WFRP's rules. Not that it means much in TWW, since we don't have the Long Rifle at all as of writing this.)

    A good way to implement Jezzails would be to make them an option for ranged Lords and Heroes. Fluff-wise, they could be a recent invention in Araby.

    Slave Soldiers

    "Tell me if you've heard this one: Two Mamluks and a Mongol walk into a bar..."

    First, an analysis of slavery in Araby:

    We barely have any info about this subject. Yeah. For all this talk I've heard among the community about how Araby is a major slaving race, I couldn't find any canon evidence for this. Even in the info about the Corsairs in the Dogs of War armybook, there was no mention of the Arabyans taking or keeping slaves outside of (possibly) the harems of Arabyan rulers. And even with the harems, it's not actually specified if the women in the harems are full-on slaves, how rulers acquire them, or what their actual status is in Arabyan society. (I mean, they probably aren't free to come and go as they please, but even this could be wrong since we just DON'T KNOW ANY DETAILS other than that harems are a thing in Araby.)

    The only other thing I've found regarding Arabyan slavery in canon is this passage from the 6th edition WHFB rulebook, pg. 177: "The Sheikhs, Emirs and Sultans of Copher, Lashiek and Martek live in unimaginable luxury, served by hundreds of slaves who fulfil their every whim,..."

    That's it. That's literally everything about slavery.

    Even in old, retconned GW lore there's barely any info about Arabyan slavery. As mentioned in the post on Eunuchs, the 1984 Battle Bestiary (pg. 21) says that "Eunochs are only rarely slaves, more often they are individuals brought up and trained as warriors or guards." So even in old lore, the best that could be said about Arabyan slavery and slave soldiers is that they exist.

    Looking at non-GW sources, I came across this thread by @PoorManatee6197:


    Mr. Manatee posted several interesting links to a (supposedly) unpublished supplement for WFRP 2nd edition about Estalia. This supplement had numerous references to Arabyan Corsairs raiding the coasts of the Old World and taking slaves. It's definitely the source that's most in-line with the "common knowledge" version of Arabyan slavery.

    However, as fun a read as it is, I have four things to say about this supplement:
    1. It could be a fan project for all we know. There have been Warhammer fan projects as elaborate as this before, and just because the author worked on several official WFRP books doesn't necessarily mean this one was going to be official too.
    2. If it is really an unpublished WFRP book, it was still never published and thus was never officially part of the world.
    3. Even if it had been published, the RPG isn't canon because it's not written by GW.
    4. Even if it was written by GW, it still wouldn't be canon because WFRP 2nd edition is firmly rooted in the Storm of Chaos timeline from 6th edition, which GW retconned years ago and replaced with the End Times.

    So, ultimately, any info about Araby in this source is several magnitudes of non-canon. So for our purposes, it's no good. But I do suspect that a lot of the "common knowledge" about Arabyan slavery comes people reading it and passing the info on as fact when it actually isn't.

    (Seriously, though, it's a cool read and major kudos to Mr. Manatee for finding and sharing the links! Check out that thread if you want to see for yourself.)

    So where does this lead us in regards to slave soldiers as a possibility for Araby?

    Well, elite groups of privileged slave soldiers were a notable part of Middle Eastern warfare for centuries, so it wouldn't surprise me if GW and CA decided to give Araby some slave soldiers. The following is purely speculation:

    The most likely route in this case is definitely giving Araby a unit inspired by Egyptian Mamluks/Mamelukes. Ottoman Janissaries, not so much; in the English-speaking world, they're primarily known for being good musketeers (though real ones used other weapons too), which Araby doesn't have. Plus, Araby already has several options for elite infantry, and could definitely use more elite cavalry. After all, cavalry is supposed to be Araby's strength more than infantry, and the Mamelukes were known for their horsemanship. The fact that Mamelukes practiced with the bow means that they could provide two units for Araby, a heavy cavalry unit (right now Araby only has one) and a horse archer unit.

    However, all this is pure speculation about what CA and GW COULD do, and Arabyan slave soldiers really aren't canon at this point. If they get added, consider them a brand new unit a la Nehekharan Warriors and Horsemen rather than a core unit from the lore.

    Tuareg Bandits/Scouts

    No GW art nor a physical description, so have another Tanukhid pic from Attila.

    Like Eunochs, Tuareg Bandits are a unit that is mentioned on maps of Araby and in Ibn Jellaba's account of his expedition to Zlatlan (5th edition Lizardman armybook, pg. 6).

    All we know about them is that they're apparently bandits (perhaps all from the same tribe, given the name) who live on the eastern side of the Atalan Mountains (which are named in Warmaster Armies on pg. 47), northeast of the Land of the Dervishes and north of Vulture Mountain.

    They're also used as guides by Ibn Jellaba on his expedition, so they're definitely willing to put banditry aside for well-paying work. That Ibn hired them to scout for him also indicates that the Tuaregs are excellent navigators and pathfinders. This makes sense considering that they live in the desert and getting lost would be fatal. They also seem to really get around the Southlands, far more so than other groups: When Ibn reaches the jungles of the Southlands, some of his Tuareg Scouts claim to have seen Lizardmen before (the Arabyans also call them "Al Saurîm").

    Tuareg Bandits/Scouts could be any type of unit, but I think Araby could use some more cavalry, since that's supposed to be the best human element of their armies. In particular, Araby only has one shock cavalry unit (Knights), so it would probably be a good idea to make a lightly armored but hard-hitting shock cavalry out of the Tuaregs. They should definitely have excellent stamina and be very swift to represent the skills they've acquired as desert bandits and scouts.


    No GW art, so here's Harun al-Rashid, the fifth Abbasid Caliph who ruled from 786-809 CE. His reign marked the peak of the Islamic Golden Age, which is definitely worth looking up. He also made friendly contact with Charlemagne and sent him a clock (which the Europeans deemed a conjuration), and The Book of One Thousand and One Nights is set in his court. (Harun's even a character in some of the stories.) He also helped set in motion his empire's disintegration, but he's still remembered pretty positively for his other stuff. The more you know.

    A type of Arabyan ruler that we know next to nothing about.

    In Warmaster Armies, it says that each Arabyan city "and the surrounding lands form an independent principality ruled over by a Sultan or Caliph" (pg. 47).* This implies that Caliphs in Araby are high up in the Arabyan hierarchy, perhaps just below or at the same level as Sultans.

    Caliphs are mentioned in a few other canon sources, but no more info is given about their position and role in Arabyan society. They could be fleshed out into a possible Lord choice, but honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if CA and GW just stuck to the more prominent Sultans and ignored Caliphs if/when they make Araby.

    The Wizard Caliph

    See that face? That's the smirk of a man who's about to drop a 300-foot Djinn on your ***. (No GW art. What a surprise.)

    I can't believe I forgot to mention this guy/gal/thing in my post on possible LLs, though there isn't much to say about the Wizard Caliph.

    The Palace of the Wizard Caliph is a marked place on the map of Araby located at the very southern edge of the Atalan Mountains. It's a settlement on the Vortex map of TWW2.

    That's literally all we know from canon. We know nothing about the Wizard Caliph, or if they're even still alive or what goes on at the Palace. All we know is the Palace's name and that it exists. This is still enough to consider the Wizard Caliph canon, but he/she/it would have to be invented from scratch if CA and GW wanted to make them a possible LL.

    Oh, and the Wizard Caliph would be a wizard LL (duh).

    And with that, we're finally done with Araby's canon unit roster.

    Sweet, sweet victory.

    There'll be one more post where I summarize what we've gone over, but the hard part is done.

    Also, the current vote for the next canon unit list is:

    1. Estalia - 6 votes
    2. Middenland - 3
    3. Vampire Coast - 1

    Unless I failed at the math (which is possible, knowing me).

    Voting ends when the final post comes up Sunday evening. Until then, tootles.
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    Heads up, guys: The final post is being delayed. I'm having some technical issues with my account that I want to get resolved first. Sorry about this.

    (Issue is that when I comment on a thread, the thread won't go to the top of the forum page. It's been going on for several days for me, and so far I've found no relevant answers in older threads.)*

    *Scratch that, it appears to be happening to all the threads.
  • PoorManatee6197PoorManatee6197 Registered Users Posts: 1,821
    I didn't know the RPG isn't cannon :( anyway i can't wait to see what you can find about Estalia.
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    This is the end...

    Hold your breath and count to ten...

    Feel the earth move again...

    Hear my heart burst agaaaaaaaiiiin...

    Huh. That wasn't the song I wanted to play.

    But regardless, this is it, ladies and gents: The very last post. The conclusion. The end of our epic journey through armybooks, supplements, and alternative games for every scrap of canon info about Araby's roster.

    Here's a handy dandy list of the units we covered. Remember that these are all the POSSIBLE canon units Araby has, and not necessarily what their final unit roster would look like:

    -Grand Vizier


    -Arabyan Horse
    -Barded Arabyan Horse
    -Radiant Pegasus
    -Magic Carpet
    -Djinn (spellcaster only)


    -Desert Riders
    -Urban/City Cavalry
    -Magic Carpets
    -Tuareg Bandits/Scouts (could also be infantry)

    -Tempest Djinn
    -Desert Spirit
    -Fire Efreet
    -Royal Djinn

    -Bombards or some other type of early cannon

    Legendary Lords:
    -The Great Sultan of Al Haikk
    -The Sultan of Lashiek/Copher/Martek
    -Sultan Jaffar
    -Al Muktar
    -The Golden Magus
    -Tazadis of Araby
    -The Wizard Caliph

    Again, there's definitely other stuff in other, non-canon sources, but this is more than enough to make a pretty darn good army list for Araby.

    Overall, Araby would field a balanced array of infantry that are at the standard human level of quality (AKA Empire and Tilean level), but their excellent light and missile cavalry are offset by their lack of heavy cavalry. The Djinn types and Elephants provide a surprisingly varied monster lineup, considering that the differences between the Djinns is more akin to the differences between Greater Daemons in terms of diversity. Their artillery is mediocre to nonexistent, depending on if GW and CA give Araby early cannons or not.

    And that's it! If you've read this far, thanks, and I hope you enjoyed the trip.

    But wait. Aren't we forgetting something? I mean, after everything we've been through, there's only one proper way to say goodbye to Araby:

    A cheesy musical number!

    Chorus: Make way for Araby! Make way for Araby!

    Hey, make way in Al Haikk!
    Take heed, listen up, you Emirs and Sheiks!
    Go call up your troops, for our time is drawing is nigh!

    Make way! Here we come!
    Ring the bells! Bang the drums!
    Oh, you're gonna love these guys!

    Araby, the Southlands' Queen, Jewel of the Desert!
    Genuflect, show some respect, down on one knee!
    Now try your best to stay calm,
    Cook up some tasty kebabs,
    And come and see this spectacular DLC!

    Araby, mighty are we, Lord of the Desert!
    Strong and brave, bane to dumb knaves, definitely!
    We've faced Bretonnian hordes,
    the Tomb Kings' legions of bone,
    who'll send all your souls to Morr?
    Why, Araby!

    We've got seventy-five thousand Eunochs,
    Fire Efreets, we've got fifty-three!
    When it comes to using Winds of Magic,
    Have we got some tools!
    I'm telling you!
    Our Djinns do that work for free!

    Araby, strong, bold, and free! Pride of the Desert!
    To dominate the trade lanes is our destiny!
    Our Corsairs rule all the seas,
    Our cities gleam gloriously,
    And the Old World's wealth can't compare to Araby's!

    We've got ninety-five trained War Elephants,
    And our horsemen crush foes utterly!
    We've got Guards, we've got Spearmen aplenty,
    Proud to work for us!
    They enforce our wills and get the kills!
    Now give CA all your money for Araby! Araby!

    Araby! Marvelous we! Crown of the desert!
    Heard your Vortex was a sight lovely to see!
    And that, Tyrion, is why
    We raised armies and dropped by,
    With sixty Tempest Djinns, Camels galore,
    With Thieves and Caliphs,
    Magicians and more!
    With deadly swords and spears, Sea-nymphs to drink your tears,
    And our Magic Carpets mighty!

    Make waaaaay for AAAraaabyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

    And that concludes my first Ultimate Unit List. As I've already said, I'd like to make this into a series that looks at the canon units and lore of Warhammer Fantasy's non-armybook races. This particular thread took a long time to research and write, and I didn't even go into everything I learned about Arabyan geography and foreign relations with races like the High Elves and even Cathay. (For example: Did you know that the High Elves have been consistently trading with the Arabyans for millennia? Even after they abandoned the Old World following the War of the Beard, Arabyan dhows were and still are a common sight in Lothern's outer harbor, and several Arabyan cities have special High Elven districts. Pretty cool!)

    Thankfully for my wrists, most future races won't have as much lore to go through, so their threads won't be this long. Also, I got a new job last week, so updates won't be as predictable as they were for Araby (not that they were predicatable in the first place, but you get the idea).

    Finally, I've been watching your votes for the next race to be featured, and a clear winner has emerged:

    "Gods **** it, Miguel! If you step on my heel one more ****ing time, I'm gonna make this glaive a permanent fixture in your ******!"

    I've already started the research, so the thread should come sometime this week. I have a new job that's taking up a lot of my time, though, so I can't make any promises.

    Until then, !hasta pronto!
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  • NazredNazred Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 980

    Why was this thread not bumped up after your last post :S I was waiting for that! Anyhow very nice job. Thank you for all of you work it must have been a lot of it searching every source. I hope that these posts reach CA and show them that factions as Araby are wanted and that they are inspired as well by making one.

    I can't wait to see your next faction post
  • Mandzak_MiniaturesMandzak_Miniatures Registered Users Posts: 1
    I just came across this doing some research and restarting an AoS Araby styled army. I made an account specifically to reach out. I have some questions for you if you don't mind sending me a PM? I noticed you don't have message button.

    Thank you =)
  • Aman3712Aman3712 Registered Users Posts: 661
    Oh man, with Vampire Coast on the horizon, Araby now has quite the shot at being fleshed out for TWW2!
  • obippoobippo Member Registered Users Posts: 2,678
    great post, thanks @Some_Scribe. You are a true arabyan loremaster
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  • Outlaw3DOutlaw3D Registered Users Posts: 43
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    Well made posts, it give Araby fans something to swallow, since the Vamp Coast is a bad pill they cant get down. One of the big questions people ask is "Why Vampires again"? I think its because of the limited time/lore that factions like Araby have. Doubt well see them until WH3. I honestly think CA put Vamp Coast in to add some diversity to that side of the map(so its not just more of the same vamps and some LM/Skaven)

    I think new Vamp faction will be refreshing. I've played them all to death, Though I do like Araby as an army style. I think they are going to wait simply due to their lack of practical unit base and lore. CA gunna have to make a lot of **** up for that one!

    My guess for WH3 is 4 Chaos armies, chaos dwarves(2leaders), ogre kingdoms(2 leaders) and Araby/tilea. WIth estalia and kislev coming as DLC or FLC. If they add any more subfactions or mains, they won't have enough content for WH3. The old wh1 factions dont need much fixing, but a couple more leaders wouldn't hurt (specially 2 leader factions like wood elves) So I see another big patch like last one coming isntead of Araby :( Not trying to dash your hopes, just being real with ya from dev standpoint.
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    I'm not really sure how I missed this thread, but excellent job mate! It's now midnight and I was going to go to sleep two hours ago but then I found this lol. Hope to see Araby Soon(TM)!
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    Great list I really like it!! You forgot to add lore on Mad Mullah Aklan'd in your Legendary Lord section. Also isn't there Girtablilus & Azhi Dehaka in their monster section as well?

    Oh btw! You forgot to put Fatandira & Sulaiman le Saracen in your recap list
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    TIL, Warmaster had an Araby army...
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