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Thrones of Britannia Campaign SUGGESTION

HytrixHytrix Registered Users Posts: 2
Please for the love of god make it possible to play a multiplayer campaign with more than two people. It would make it amazing if we could play these massive campaigns with a friend group and not just one person.



  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USARegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 19,808
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  • IntranetusaIntranetusa Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 607
    How is that possible if you have a battle with only 2 people? Does the game just freeze for everybody else? Seems impratical.
  • BolshevikBolshevik Registered Users Posts: 93

    How is that possible if you have a battle with only 2 people? Does the game just freeze for everybody else? Seems impratical.

    It means you would have a campaign where more than two people can participate. Honestly this doesn't even sound like such a difficult system to implement considering you have a two player campaign already but then again, what would I know.

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  • The_baronThe_baron Registered Users Posts: 563
    @Intranetusa Are you working for CA ? are you a game developer ? if not so how come you determine what is impractical and what is not ? cause it doesn't seem it comes from your knowledge and experience.

    As for how, there is plenty of ways to solve this issue :

    * Before each battle if two players tic a V box then the spectators can be assigned to one of the players and be gifted units - just like in co-op.
    * They can spectate, amazing isn't it ?
    * Before battles vs AI a vote on who will get to control AI army can run for 30 seconds allowing players to vote on of them to play all of them or none of them *(giving AI with bonuses the control).

    Those are all solutions made by one second of thinking ... I bet there is more options on how to deal with it that I haven't though off yet.

    Now before you comment about disliking one or more of those options ... remember they are not made only for you, just like the whole multiplayer campaign all my friends love it but I have seen in the internet people who dislike it - and you know what they do - they don't use the feature ! amazing right ?

    *I haven't used multiplayer battles on Total war for years but you will not find one post complaining about CA making CA multiplayer battles part of their game - you know why ? I will give you the chance to think about it ^^
  • RamsesXXVIIIRamsesXXVIII Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 28

    Would REALLY love this feature
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