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Launcher not updating with mods

Grongon47Grongon47 Registered Users Posts: 2
Hi all,

Looking for some help around the total war launcher. I have subscribed to a number of mods over the last few days with no success in them being updated on my launcher for that game.

I have verified the game files, unsubscribed and re subscribed still with no success. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • mmusc002mmusc002 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 14
    I'm having the same issue. I've sent my complaint to Sega and Steam, and I've had a runaround to come here. Below is the original comment I sent.


    I recently purchased a new computer. Since then, certain games have not installed their workshop mods from any workshop developer. Specifically, I have attempted Total War Attila, Warhammer and Warhammer 2. When I subscribe to a mod to any of these games, the mod will display and state that the game cannot play until one or more mods finishes updating. And it then stays as updating indefinitely without change. I have changed my download server, verified each games' integrity, and deleted and reinstalled both Steam and the individual games to no avail. I did try a different franchise. When I installed Xcom 2 and the long war mods I noticed that those did work, so I do not understand where the problem lies. The only workaround for Total War is to request the developer to send me their Google Drive content and send it directly to the games' files. But that is only a temporary fix. I have sent emails before about this issue and Steam's only response was that any Workshop issues must be fixed with the developer of the mod, not Steam itself. At this point, it is not the individual developers that are the problem, its Steam Workshop not downloading the mods.

    What is the solution?

    I've been told by Steam that the issue is Total War's Launcher (and it seems to be throughout all TW games). No one has yet to address this issue for me.

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