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Modify/delete account

ThojanThojan Registered Users Posts: 2
Hello all,

I received a email from totalwar about the new game getting out and that last-chance pre-order fever I'm supposed to have.

The thing is, I want to receive these on another e-mail, not the one I chose when I registered to Total War Access, thinking that would be interesting (spoiler: it wasn't). After a long time looking for a way to edit my "Access" profile, I ended up here, and I guess I indeed created a new "forum" account, linked to the "Access" account by the same username and e-mail address.

I've now changed my mind: I want all these accounts deleted. How can I do that ? Shall I start writing to the lonely e-mails I find in the Terms of Service of SEGA ? Do I need to submit an issue about the way one cannot (find a way to) manage one's own account ?

Thanks for your help.


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