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Thrones of Britannia - Live Q&A With Game Director Jack Lusted

CA_WhelanCA_Whelan Registered Users, Moderators, Administrators, CA Staff, Community Team Posts: 681
10 minutes to go until Jack Lusted answers community questions on Thrones of Britannia!

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  • alsaadialsaadi Registered Users Posts: 18
    Hello guys I have noticed that in all games Total War and the Diplomacy is very late and nothing is important and in essence that the Diplomacy is the basis of the advancement and fall I hope the improvement of diplomatic and make the sections of the example of coup planning and network spy and improve the trade and strengthen and make treachery among the Allies and I could instigate factions Attacking other factions without entering the war
  • TheodoreTheodore Member Registered Users Posts: 91
    Are they going to address the problem of the game launcher not launching?
    By the way, China's warring states period would make an ideal setting for a total war game.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warring_States_period
  • BlakclightBlakclight Registered Users Posts: 21
    edited May 2018
    Will you someday make a game in the style of the first generation of total war? : City that grows with population a lot of building option and most important : recruitement cards system no more auto regen.
    I would love to play warhammer/Lord of the ring/Any generic fantasy total game that have a real campaign map gameplay and as a consequence make battle intersting.
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